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Everything's Gonna Be All White

Coat - Archive by Alexa @ M&S

Top - Topshop

Jeans - Vintage Levi's (via Beyond Retro)

Shoes - Gucci

Bag - Forever 21

Hmm, an all white outfit, are you sure about that Rachael (AKA clumsiest girl in the world)? Suuure I can fall over something that isn't even there and spill coffee out of a sealed, child-proof plastic cup but hey, I'm wearing a black PVC wipe clean mac so that balances it out right?! Everything's gonna be allll white my friends. Well, maybe if red wine and coffee stay within a good ten mile radius of me. And actually just any non-beige liquids for that matter. Oh and all children and animals with any muddy hands, feet and paws. And if it could not rain as well that would be handy....LOLZ. Accident waiting to happen really isn't it but alas it's a risk I'm willing to take for this dream sixties inspired ensemble. I've had these dreamy white vintage Levi's for ages now but every time I go to put them on they are swiftly removed due to my brain giving me sly digs about the fact that I can't be trusted (thanks for the support PAL) however today I just thought fuck it, I'll wear an all white outfit if I want to and you know what, it was (and still is) all white!



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