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Oro Antiguo

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Yesterday my new jewellery collection with Matthew Calvin and Claire Menary finally launched and I couldn't be more excited and proud!

It's been a pretty long time coming as we kicked things off back in October time last year but it feels like the time has just whizzed by! It's been such a lovely process from start to finish and myself and Claire have been involved in the complete process with Matt. We started off by visiting museums and galleries in London, before putting together some mood boards with all of the inspiration we had picked up for the collection. Luckily we were all very much on the same page about everything from the word go, so it was quite a streamlined and easy process agreeing on things. As Claire and I are both obsessed with gold jewellery, we knew we wanted this to be a big focus of the collection (but the pieces are all available in silver too!) and loved the idea of having molten, imperfect and antique inspired pieces. We wanted them to have the simplicity of Matthew's brand DNA but with our personal twists too.

We shot the pieces over in the small fishing town of Armacao De Pera in South Portugal where Matt's family have a beautiful house, and where he spent a lot of his childhood. Claire and I absolutely loved it there and this heavily influenced the naming of the collection 'Oro Antiguo' which means old gold, with most of the pieces in the collection being named after places in the area too. We had such a fun time out there with Matt and Georgia shooting everything and creating all of the content to share with you guys (and drinking all of the wine too lolz) and I have absolutely loved the whole process of creating this collection and getting to know Matt and the brand closer. I first met Matt (well actually his bf Joe who was working alongside him at the time) at a Scoop press show many moons ago when I was first starting out in my blogging journey and was instantly a fan. Never would I have thought that two years down the line i'd be creating a collection with him! Honestly I feel so lucky to have worked on this project with one of my favourite jewellery brands and can't thank Matt enough for asking me (brb just having a little cry).

I genuinely love every single piece and want to wear it all, at all times! I hope you all love it as much as I do and can't wait to see how you style it, so don't forget to tag me on instagram :) Thank you SO, SO much from the bottom of my heart for all of your kind words and support so far - it means the world.

Shop the full collection here.




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