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Reviewing: The Gucci 1955

I can't believe it's a year to the day since I got my beloved Gucci 1955 bag! The time has completely flown over (even with lockdown making it feel otherwise) and it literally feels like yesterday that I collected it from Selfridges. I bought it on their website and then collected it in store and it was a very happy day indeed, as I had had my beady eye on it basically since the day I first ever saw it. It was absolutely love at first sight! This is such a special piece for me as it was a 30th birthday gift to myself, and I sold pieces and saved lots and it was just such a lovely (and also slightly sickening not gonna lie, it's pretty pricey...) feeling being able to buy it for myself!

The Gucci Horsebit 1955 bag is recreated from an archival design and I think that's probably why I love it so much, as I'm always drawn to vintage/ timeless pieces/ things that look old! It gives me all of the Princess Di/ librarian chic/ Equestrian vibes and I love that. I also think that I will absolutely still love it in 30+ years time which is so important for me, as I always tend to buy classic and timeless rather than trend led pieces, especially when spending a lot on an investment piece.


So, first of all yes this bag is a pricey piece. Although I guess that varies person to person depending on what you class as a lot, but to me this is a very expensive handbag. When I bought it a year ago it was £1750 and now I think it has already gone up to £1940 a year later, so if you're thinking of getting it, do so sooner rather than later before it increases again. For me, I do think it was worth the investment as I have literally used it almost every day since I got it, making cost per wear thus far at about a fiver!


For the cost, you want the quality to be impeccable and it is, almost. After having the bag for about 6 months the little leather hoop on the strap to tuck the loose end in came unstitched which was slightly disappointing but only a really minor thing and I took it to the Gucci store on Bond Street and they fixed it in the store then and there pretty swiftly. Other than that, I must say it is a pretty robust bag. As I say, I have used it a hell of a lot over the last year and it still looks in pretty pristine condition (bar a few scratches which are obvs my fault). The lining of the bag is like a pale pink suede which I was slightly worried about at first but its actually been totally fine and barely marked. If you're concerned I'd recommend a little disbar inside to keep make up etc in! I also think it helps that the bag is a textured leather rather than smooth leather which is so much more hardwearing. Overall, I would say the quality is great.


It comes in a variety of beautiful colours and prints and I was close to opting for the GG supreme which is the all over logo fabric one, but decided to go for the black leather in the end as for me it is the most classic and will go with everything in my wardrobe (although not gonna lie I still think about the GG monogramed one a lot... maybe a second?!). Prior to purchasing I had already thought of about 36738 outfits to wear it with and one year in I can confirm that it does in fact, go with everything. I love the flap style of it and I also think its great that you can have it as a shoulder bag or elongate the strap to make it a cross body too, making it so versatile.

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All in all, I am quite clearly obsessed with this handbag and have used it most days since I got it. For me, it was well worth the investment and is now tied with my Chanel mini flap as my fave bag I own. If you have any more questions or there is anything I haven't covered feel free to drop me a message!



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