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Turning 30

On Friday (or debatably Thursday because I was born in Australia) I turned the ripe old age of thirty (!) So obviously a blog post to mark the occasion was in order. Surprisingly (maybe) turning 30 hasn’t really bothered me at all, well aside from all the flapping about organising stuff because the occasion must be marked in 3000 different ways right? I mean that in the way of not being upset/ panicked about it like a lot of people can be. When I was a younger I thought that by the time I was thirty I’d be married with two kids because 30 was old, but now I’m actually there I feel like 30 is so young! The older I get, the older I want to be before settling down and doing all that stuff and in all honesty im pretty content with where I am right now. I mean, Brett took me on a surprise trip to Copenhagen, I had an amazing party with all my pals Saturday night and I’m headed to see my fam this weekend so I must say I am feeling very lucky. The older I get the more I appreciate getting older because that in itself is a privilege and most definitely something that should be celebrated not moaned about (IMO).

Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family and my Mam has always put such lovely emphasis on them so every year I do get very exited, and especially this year as it was a big one. To anyone also celebrating their birthday and growing old, or feeling like a certain age means a certain thing - just enjoy where you are and what you’ve got right now. I feel so very, very grateful to have an amazing network of friends and family to celebrate with. Happy birthday to me :) Rachael X P.S. Special shout out to Brett and my amazing pals for organising and arranging everything, best team :)


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