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Golden Jewels On Repeat

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

It's no secret that I am an absolute magpie and completely obsessed with gold jewellery, so I thought I'd put together a post rounding up all of my current faves that I love to rotate day in, day out. There are so many jewellery brands that I love but the below are my ultimate go-to's...

Ahh one of my absolute faves - Matthew creates beautiful minimal pieces and I love the way he experiments with materials and finishes. Last year I was lucky enough to collaborate with Matt and launch a collection of pieces that I absolutely adore and feel so incredibly proud to put my name too :)

I'm a bit obsessed with Daphine rings! A really lovely brand created by best friends and the pieces are all so classic and timeless. I got my beautiful Tere ring for my 30th Birthday off my Mama and I'm 10/10 obsessed with it.

A lovely brand by an equally lovely gal, Mikaela makes the most beaut pieces and I really love the weight of them too - everything she makes feels really solid and like it's going to last you forever. They're basically like heirlooms and each piece is made to order too. I loved her collections with Alice Catherine and wear these pieces so much :)

A recent discovery for me, Pilgrim make really cool and really affordable jewellery that I fell for straight away! I got my chain rings from them and had wanted some for so long so was super happy to find those!

A brand created by a wonderful (and fellow Northern) Sister duo, Rock n Rose have such lovely classic pieces of jewellery and are the makers of my beloved Aquarius necklace! Their prices are so reasonable and the quality is great too.

I have recently become a brand ambassador for Motley and couldn't be more excited about it! I absolutely love what they create and the fact that they work with various independent jewellery designers on their beautiful collections. These chunky hoops that are designed by Estelle Dévé for Motley are my absolute faves.

I have been a fan of Daisy jewellery for a fair few years now and own so many of their gorgeous pieces that usually a day doesn't go by when I'm not wearing something by them! Their collections with the lovely Estee Lalonde are so lush and right up my street :)

Shop my faves below:

Hope you're all keeping safe and well :)




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