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Discounts and Shopping Sensibly this Black Friday

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Top: Nanushka via Farfetch, Bag: Jacquemus via Farfetch, Jeans: Arket, Boots: Flattered, Beret: Vintage

So as Black Friday is in full swing at the majority of retailers, I thought I’d share a post on how to be more thoughtful and smart with your purchasing this year, without getting sucked into the madness and ending up with piles of things you didn’t really want or need. Over recent months I’ve become increasingly aware of my consumption and can happily say I’m a lot more conscious than ever before, however that’s not to say I don’t shop any more. I love shopping, part of my job is to share new things with yous guys so it’s inevitable that there will be newness, however a lot less and a lot more considered than this time last year I’d say, and I’m all for everyone doing their bit. If everyone just thinks a little bit more and makes small changes to their shopping habits, then that can lead to something bigger. I loaned these lovely pieces from Farfetch for this shoot as I didn't feel I would get enough wear out of either to justify purchasing but I still wanted to wear, style and share them with you all - win win!

So, what i've done this year is make a wish list of the things that I'd really like to buy or that are missing from my wardrobe and have vowed to myself that I'm not straying from it! So for example I'm in the market for some brown lace-up, mid heel ankle boots and have a few pairs in mind so once the sales come into play I'll check them all for discounts and compare which are the best option to go for. What I won't do (or will try very hard not to do!) is go for some boots that don't fit the bill but 'are a bargain' which i'm sure we have all been guilty of at some point! Always remember that a bargain is only a bargain if you wanted it anyway and would have bought it full price.

When it comes to sales my first port of call is usually higher end retailers like Farfetch and Net, as it's the perfect time to opt for more expensive investment purchases when you can get a good saving on them. I'd rather buy two or three good quality, timeless pieces that will last me season after season than loads of cheaper bits I'd only wear once or twice. Always quality over quantity! Finally, if your size/ proffered colour option is out of stock then it's not meant to be! Believe me i've been there in the past - 'oh, I'll squeeze into it' or 'That colour will do' and it's just not worth it as you'll more than likely never wear/ use said piece.

I have rounded up my top picks from my fave retailers below and these are all things that I either already own or believe to be a great investment :)

Extra 30% off sale

Use CYBERSPACE for 20% off everything

30% off on selected items


30% off selected items with code CG30

Lots of great discounts across the site!

Different discounts each day - 20% off selected items

20% off with code NOIR20

Up to 80% off and extra discounts with code FINAL

Up to 30% off and 15% off beauty

Use BLACKWEEK to get 25% off selected styles

Up to 50% off boutique black Friday

Hundreds of offers on until 2nd December

Dear Frances

25% off site wide with BF25


30% off everything with code BLACK19

40% off AW19 styles with code AC2019BF

Green Friday sale - everything £18 and under!

Hope this helps you to be a savvy and mindful shopper this black Friday and beyond!




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