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Back to School

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Beret: Vintage. Shirt: c/o Levi's, Belt: Topshop, Trousers: c/o & Other Stories, Shoes: Burberry, Bag: c/o Sezane

It's September and that time of year again when I always feel the 'back to school' vibes. I always get excited for a change in season and Autumn is my absolute fave, so I guess for me September marks that change and the start of layering up! Hello jumpers and coats and boots and stomping through the leaves and just getting the chance to be a bit more creative with your styling. Seeing all of the Autumn/ Winter pieces land in stores gets me creatively buzzing about all the looks I want to create for the season ahead and i'm not gonna lie, it's a little overwhelming too! I feel like I always want to get super organised with my wardrobe (and life in general tbf) in September and like to have a good overhaul, bringing back out all of my favourites from last year and adding in some key new pieces too (note: new doesn't always have to mean brand new - I love nothing more than picking up great second hand pieces in vintage stores and on Vestiaire and Depop too).

So this is my current heading-towards-Autumn look because although it may be September and theres a sure hint of the new season drawing in, it's still not really cold enough for me to whip out the wool coats just yet! Don't get me wrong I do love Summer, but I'm always happy to see the leaves change.




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