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THE Chanel Sandals

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I feel like I've been searching for these sandals for approximately eighty four years, searching Vestiaire (and other similar options) on a daily (hourly) basis, so to finally find them in my size a week or so ago was a dream come true. No, I'm really not being over dramatic. That feeling you get when you've been on the hunt for a specific something for so long and then it finally shows up is, well, one of compete euphoria. I mean, that is, until you have to part with the cash to purchase them. They were eye-wateringly expensive and my boyfriend seems to think I am actually insane, but honestly I love them so to me they are 100% worth it. I mean the fact alone that i've wanted them for so long is testament to them being a solid well thought out investment for me. I also think I will get so, so much wear out of them and pretty sure I'll be sporting them with a sock come winter. They're so classic that I'm confident I will always love them and they literally do go with everything. I hope you like them too because I won't be wearing anything else on my feet for the foreseeable...

If you're considering hunting down a pair too, first of all, good luck! Secondly I'd say they come up slightly large but not massive - i'm usually a uk 6/ 39 and I got them in a uk 5.5/ 38.5 and they fit like a glove. Also although I purchased them second hand (you can no longer buy them in stores), they had only been worn once or twice so are almost pristine, hence why I paid quite a hefty price for them. I'm sure you can find them for a lot less depending on the condition, size etc. I must say that at present they are not the most comfortable, however i'm hoping that with a few wears they will give and wear in nicely. Overall I'm ecstatic with them (dunno if you can tell?!) and I would absolutely recommend (should you be lucky enough to come across a pair!)




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