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The Thrill of Vintage

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Dress: Vintage, Shoes: Burberry, Socks: Muji and Bag: Elleme

There is just something about shopping for vintage that excites me beyond any other form of retail therapy (yes, even sample sales!), and finding gems like this plaid ruffle dream are what make it so special. I first started shopping vintage way back in my teens - i've always been drawn to the sixties and seventies so have always loved rummaging for garms from yesteryear - and my friends and I would always check our local charity shops for any gems too. There's a certain thrill of not knowing what you're gonna find and at what bargainous price too. The amount of amazing pieces i've found over the years fills me with sheer joy! What also fills me with sheer joy is the fact that they have all had a life before and tell a story too, not to mention the sustainability factor of second hand fashion. Always remember that something new does not have to mean brand new! Every time I have my eye on a new wardrobe addition I'll always check sites like Ebay, Vestiare and Depop first, and i've bought so many of my investment pieces that I love on these sites. Circular fashion is something that's super important to me and not only do I love shopping second hand, but I always (where possible) sell or donate my clothes that I no longer want or wear on to new homes too.

I found this dream dress in a charity shop in the North East last time I was home and snapped it up for a mere £8.99!! I adore the fabric and the ruffle detail around the neck, and it's a perfect midi length on me too. Before I'd even got it to the till I already had this outfit planned in my head as I knew it would go perfectly with my Burbs school girl shoes and socks. I also think it looks really fancy and high end too - when we were shooting these pictures even Sinead was shocked when she asked where it was from and said she thought I was gonna say Matches or something!

I absolutely love this outfit (if I do say so myself) and these snaps are some of my faves ever so massive thanks to Sinead for taking them for me. It just goes to show that vintage can make you feel just as good (if not better) than a new high street piece!




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