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Feeling Uninspired

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Blazer: & Other Stories, Top and belt: Sunspel, Bag: Elleme, Jeans: Levis, Boots: Chanel via Vestiaire, Necklaces: Matthew Calvin and Dasiy Jewellery

Since I got back from Spain at the beginning of last week I've felt a bit out of sorts, a bit lack lustre and uninspired. Does anyone else feel the same when they get back from a trip? I was only away for four days but when I arrived home i'd almost forgotten what normal clothes are and how to not holiday dress?! I feel like i'd been thinking about and planning what I wanted to wear and shoot whilst out in the sunshine for so long that I got home and felt deflated with real 'no daily sunshine' life. I decided to go home up North for the rest of last week and get my head down to do some work and steer myself from any distractions, and just allow myself some head space and time away from London. I did manage to get a lot done, spent quality time with my family and got some fresh air. I barely shot any content however did re-ignite my love for charity and vintage shopping (as usual at home), because I can always find the best things up there and so that definitely sparked some styling ideas. I definitely want to share more vintage finds with you guys as I used to wear so much vintage and love hunting for it, and feel in recent years that has diluted a bit. Anyway I will share my most recent finds very soon!

Maybe I was just having one of those brain fog weeks because I feel so much better today and full of ideas. I arrived back in London last night and I think just being back in my flat, surrounded by my things and having got back to my proper routine and done some sorting has lifted the cloud which I'm so pleased about! It's ok though, it's hard to always feel inspired whether it's your job or not, and I think it's important to allow yourself time to just be a bit 'meh' sometimes, have some head space and spend time just being and doing, because it will always pass and the ideas will come.

These images are some I shot a few weeks ago when I first got my new (old) Chanel boots on Vestiaire and I love how they turned out. I love the colours and although a pretty simple outfit, it's super classic and incorporates loads of my current favourite pieces. Sometimes it's about taking it back to basics.




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