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A Peek into My Flat

Rug: La Redoute, Sandals: Saltwater, Coffee table: vintage, Couch: Ikea, Rust cushion: H&M home

Leaning shelf: La Redoute, Vase: Broste Copenhagen c/o Amara Living

Tom Dixon throw and matching cushion and Ferm Living cushion c/o Amara Living, Rust cushion: H&M home

So I've been in my flat for around 6 months now and it finally feels like home. It definitely takes a while to get to the point of being pretty much finished with how you want your place to look, after gathering bits and bobs and all of the furniture you want and need on a budget. I feel like there is always more you feel you could do, however I'm happy with where I am now and love spending time in my little flat. This weekend I had a really chilled one and spent most of it at home which was so lovely as I rarely get to do that. I lay on my couch, lit some candles and actually relaxed and felt super content with the little space that I've created for myself.

La Redoute chest of drawers, Vintage mirror, Jewellery stand: Oliver Bonas

Vase: Ikea, Perfume Tray: H&M home

Chair and Bella Freud cushion c/o Amara Living

I'm hugely into seventies style interior and love teak, mid-century furniture so when I was looking for furniture I spent a lot of time looking for vintage pieces. The only problem is all the things I found and loved were either really far away or really expensive so I need up getting a lot of vintage-inspired pieces. My coffee table I picked up super cheap on Schpock and the chest of drawers and shelving unit are both from La Redoute who do really great vintage-inspired pieces. My living room is the biggest room in my rather small flat, and it's where I spend most of my time so this was the most important for me to get right and exactly how I had envisaged it to be. I've filled it with everything that makes me happy and it feels really relaxing and most importantly, really me. The colour scheme is one that runs through from my wardrobe into my home and I love the mustard and rust against the cream and grey. Most of my soft furnishings like my Tom Dixon cushion and throw, my Ferm Living cushion and my Bella Freud cushion are from Amara Living who do the most amazing homeware, and stock most of my favourite brands!

Free People dress, Ikea Wardrobe

Print: Chelsea Prints

All of the prints I have are either from Hotel Magique which I absolutely love (being a Parisian wannabe) or Desenio who do great pieces too.

Floral cushion: Sezane, Pink cushion: Urban Outfitters

Chloe bag, Sezane bag, Burberry Mac is vintage

Cushion: Shrimps x Habitat, Slippers: Mahabis

Bedside table: La Redoute, Jo Malone candle, Bedcovers: c/o Amara Living

Whilst my flat is a pretty small space, I think i've made the most of it and it makes me feel really happy and relaxed which is the most important thing since I work from home too. I'm really proud to have my first ever flat all to myself pretty much finished and hope you all love it too!



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