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February Favourites

As someone who spends a hell of a lot of their time on the internet I come across a lot of great things on a daily basis. Images I love, accounts on Instagram that make me happy, great podcasts, great articles and reads, great clothes and other bits and bobs that inspire me, and that I want to share with you all too. So i've come up with a new monthly post idea where I share my favourite things i've come across throughout the month, whether that be accounts to follow on Instagram, things to watch, read, see, do and look at, and generally just shout about good people doing good things because sharing is caring. So without further ado, I give you February's faves:

Listen | Fearne Cotton, Happy Place podcast - I've just recently discovered Fearne's podcast Happy Place and i've listed to a few and am really enjoying them. Each episode she has a different person on talking to them about life, careers, love and ultimately what happiness means to them.

Listen | Being Human - This month I listened to a couple of episodes of new podcast Being Human which is all about social media and mental health, with each episode discussing different aspects with women who have built a career on Instagram. It was really interesting listening to my pals Alice and Lindsey talk about their experiences and I'll definitely be listening to more gong forward.

Listen | Dolly Alderton, Love Stories - I am absolutely obsessed with dolly's podcast Love Stories where she talks to guests about their most defining relationships who have formed who they are and each episode is always an emotional but lovely listen. Last week she had Lily Allen on and it was a really interesting and touching episode, definitely worth a listen.

Follow| @heartzeena - I am absolutely obsessed with Zeena's feed and her images are always like a little ray of sunshine and happiness on my feed. I recently met Zeena IRL too and can confirm she is just as lovely (if not lovelier) offline too :)

Follow | @Prettylittlefawn - I've been a long time fan of Courtney's tonal dream feed and we have very similar style so I'm always getting loads of outfit inspo from her feed too. Really been enjoying her creativity with her recent posts too.

Follow |@shotnotfromthestreet - Lovely Lizzy (AKA shot from the street) has started a second instagram where she shares all of her photographs she has taken on her travels or out and about that aren't outfit shots she would share on her main account. It's full of beautiful pictures and lots of inspiration. I'm massively into film photography and Lizzy does so much with film and is generally very creative with a great eye, so definitely check it out if you haven't already.

Look | Toteme new season videos - A new-ish brand on my radar, Toteme's collections are just THE dream. After getting my black faux fur coat recently i've become obsessed and their recent video content for their new collection is everything. Go have a peek.

Buy | This jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters is just an absolute delight tbh.

Buy | I am so very into this & Other Stories linen suit for Spring. I would wear both the jacket and trousers in so many different ways separately too so a v. good investment I feel.

Buy |My collaboration bag with Fonott launched at the beginning of February and I am SO obsessed and proud to have launched my own bag with such a lovely brand. There are only a few left now but if you're quick you can still snap one up here.

Buy | This polka dot dream from Zara. A silky dream that is perfect now with a roll neck under and boots, then sandals as it gets a bit warmer.

Watch | Love - I feel like I have been more obsessed with Netflix than ever before over the last month or two and I've loved watching Love. It's an easy watching series about a mis-matched couple - Mickey and Gus - navigating their way through a new relationship and all the ups and downs along the way.

Watch | Derry Girls - I love 4OD and my latest obsessed has been Derry girls. It's set in the early 90's and follows a group of school girls as they navigate their teens in Derry during the troubles. It's both funny and heartwarming and I'd definitely recommend.

Hope you enjoyed the first post in my round-up series and I'll be back end of March with my faves once again!




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