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Switching Off in The Countryside

I spent the weekend in the snowy hills of the North East countryside with my family, in a little cottage pretending I was in The Holiday (after several glasses of prosecco my bf looks like Jude too... lolz I joke) and it was just the loveliest spending time with my faves and actually really switching off. We stayed on a farm near a little village called Wolsingham and I got the closest I ever have to a sheep so that's an achievement right there. We went on walks, ate a lot, drank a lot, lay in the hot tub a lot, laughed, played with my niece, celebrated my Mama’s birthday and had a bloody lovely time. Don't get me wrong I love London and living in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a big city, but boy is it good to escape sometimes.

I took my laptop with me with the intention of doing some work while I was there, however it remained un-opened all weekend and you know what, I was actually so happy about that. I really switched off and barely thought about work or the real world for two glorious days. I breathed in fresh air and my hardest decision all weekend was what to eat next. I think it’s so important to to take time out every so often, re-charge your batteries and spend quality time with your nearest and dearest. I’ve come home feeling very greatful, happy, inspired and ready to get stuck back in to work after feeling a bit meh lately. It was good for the soul and just what I needed. Happy Monday you lot, hope you all had a great weekend too. Rachael x


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