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A Little Catch Up And Some Plans

Shirt: Sosandar, Skirt: Pixie Market, bag: Shrimps, Sunglases: Mango, Espadrilles: Viscata

Thought I'd write a little catch up post as I have a few things happening over the next few weeks/ months and wanted to share them with you. First of all, on Monday I'm heading to Oslo for a few days to attend Oslo fashion week and as you can imagine, I'm super excited and can't wait to see all of the amazing new collections, and also to explore somewhere I've never been before! I'm currently in the process of outfit planing and trying to pack as much into my case as humanly possible, obvs, it's always the shoes and bags that throw spanners in the works since I like to take 45467 options... Anyway, I'll be covering it all on my instagram so do keep an eye out for everything I'm getting up to during the week over there!

Secondly, I'm heading to Ibiza at the end of August with my pal Paige for four days of sunshine and salty toes. It is a holiday but I'm sure we'll both still be capturing as much of it as possible through stories and posts over on Instagram so stay tuned. I'm really keen to share more travel content on my blog and Instagram and hopefully will be venturing on a few more excursions before the year is out! Howwww is it August already please?? I really can't wait for a break and a few days of relaxation (we're staying in the old town!) in the sun with a cocktail in hand. I've never been to Ibiza before so do send any/ all recommendations my way!

Another thing I wanted to mention is that Ell and I are moving flats in the next month or so which I'm very excited about! We're just in the process of finding the perfect place which is always a bit stressful but exciting too and I'm looking forward to a new chapter and leaving East - the only part of London I've ever lived in the whole six years I've been here! I'm currently in frantic sort mode and subsequently selling A LOT of my clothes over on my Depop as thats one thing a good move definitely encourages you to do - have a good clear out. I'd love to do more home and lifestyle content too so hopefully will be sharing a bit more of that with you guys in the coming months!

Also finally, I've been searching for a white/ cream silky skirt for so long and the hunt is finally over since I got my mitts on this Pixie Market dream! I really loved this outfit and can't get enough of my new baby Shrimp too :)




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