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Enjoying Your Own Company

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The other day I was sat in Pret alone between meetings and events with a coffee and my emails and for some reason, I felt really lonely. This is not a feeling I have very often to be honest, as although my job involves me being a one man band, I feel very much constantly surrounded by like-minded people, even if not always literally. London can be one of the loneliest places but I’ve been lucky that from the moment I moved here I’ve always had a good bunch of friends and colleagues around me so I’ve never particularly felt it, plus I actually enjoy a bit of alone time too. It just got me thinking about enjoying your own company and how I really do relish in being alone at times. I’m very much a creature of habit and whilst I will always say I hate routine, the reality is I have certain ways of doing things and and certain ways of being that create a routine in my head, which is particularly apparent to me when i'm alone. Don’t get me wrong I bloody love socialising too, I just think it’s so important to appreciate yourself and appreciate spending some time in your own company every now and again.

Don’t panic if you’re not the biggest fan of your own company though, I definitely think it’s something that can come with age, especially if you’re an extrovert and enjoy being in the company of others 24/7. I remember when i was younger, well probably not even that long ago to be totally honest, I hated the thought of going to sit in a coffee shop alone or going for lunch alone. Now I absolutely love it and do it every week as it’s nice to get out of the house when you’re freelance working from home. I always think in my head that it’s a sure sign of adulthood - sitting in (and enjoying it) coffee shops alone haha. When I first started out blogging I used to hate going to events alone too, whereas now I really don't mind, and chances are i'll probably bump into someone I know when I get there anyway :) Forcing myself to do things alone sometimes, however small, has made me a much more confident person and has also made me feel more comfortable in myself.

We are all different though and whilst at this moment I don’t think I could pack up and travel the world alone (kudos to those that do, I think that’s amazing!) I’d never say never and I definitely enjoy my own company more and more as I get older. Only having yourself to answer to, yourself to think about and yourself to please, even just for the afternoon, really does wonders for your mind, your self esteem and your confidence. Rachael X

Photos by Bekky Lonsdale.

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