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I get asked quite a lot about the jewellery I wear and what I would recommend, so I thought I'd write a post all about my faves and the pieces that I wear daily for reference. It's funny to think that I only ever used to wear silver jewels, beacuse now I am a strictly golden gal. I have a fair few fave jewellery brands and designers, but the below six are my go-to brands and all of the pieces that I wear day in day out.

First up, one of my absolute faves that I discovered quite a while ago now, is the lovely Chupi. Based in Ireland, Chupi creates the most beautiful pieces that you can't not love! As I'm sure you will have seen a thousand time on my instagram, Chupi makes those dreamy star sign necklaces and my Aquarius necklace is probably my most favourite necklace I own. I wear it almost every day - although i'm currently tying to give it a little break as it's tarnishing and is very well loved shall we say! The lovely team recently sent me the old Irish penny necklace which is also super cute and gives my beloved Aquarius a little break for now! Not only is the jewellery so bloody beaut, but so is the woman behind it all, I was lucky enough to meet Chupi at a press event she was doing and she engraved the back of my Aquarius necklace with my initials and also gave me a matching one for my Mama (she's an Aquarius too!) with her initials on - how lovely! She was so sweet and her brand is one that I absolutely love to wear and support. Finally, if you have ever seen me unbox one of my necklaces on my instagram stories then you'll have also seen just how amazing the packaging is too! I am a sucker for a cute quote and Chupi just nails it with the loveliest attention to detail. On every box it says 'Made in Ireland, loved everywhere' and well, it really is.

Copenhagen based brand Jane Koenig makes beautifully simple pieces that can be worn everyday. I have earrings, necklaces and rings by the brand that I absolutely love and some of my fave chunky gold hoops are by Jane Koenig. All the pieces are timeless classics that I continuously go back to again and again.

I discovered Matthew Calvin a year or so ago now at Scoop trade show in Chelsea. I instantly fell for his simple but unique designs and his jewels are perfect for layering. His pieces are super cool and contemporary, with clean lines and textures playing a big part in his collections. As a big hoop earring fan, he makes some of my fave more delicate styles. Recently I got the chance to head into his studio to meet the team and they are SO bloody lovely! He also has the cutest dog everrrr called Colin and I am ob-sessed!

Mejuri are a Canadian based brand that, like most in recent times, I discovered through instagram. They work with top jewellers and eliminate the middle man in order to offer customers fine jewellery at a fraction of the price. Their pieces are great for layering and I have a fair few lovely pieces from them. One of my favourite rings that I wear everyday - my evil eye - is by Mejuri.

I discovered super cool Brooklyn based Catbird a few years ago now whilst working at Harvey Nichols as they were stocked there and instantly fell in love with the brand. My cat ears ring never leaves my finger - even if Elliott moans daily about being stabbed with it, lolz - and I'd definitely like to increase my collection. All of their pieces are made in their Brooklyn studio from recycled or fair-trade gold and they have a strong charity scheme too with at least 1% of sales year round going towards helping others. Lovey jewels and a lovely brand ethos too - bravo Catbird.

One of my first ever jobs was working at Liberty not long after I first moved to London and I thought all of my birthdays and Christmases had come at once tbh. I have and will always be a massive fan of the beaut store and everything it stocks - one brand in particular being Alex Monroe. From their most well-known and loved bumble bee necklace to every single seasonal collection they bring out, I'm obsessed. Each and every piece is designed and handmade in their London studio and there is definitely a quirky British-ness with every piece that I absolutely love.

There are absolutely a lot more jewellery brands I love too, but the above are my ultimate faves when it comes to everyday adornment and I hope you enjoyed my little round up of my affinity with these designers in particular.

Shop my fave pieces below:




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