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April on 35mm

How, how, how is it the middle of May already?! Seriously I feel like Christmas was like, a month ago. April feels like an absolute whirl wind and massive apologies that this post is so late! Needless to say time has just ran away with me...

Anyyyyway, as jam packed as it was, I got up to some cool stuff throughout the month (that I remembered to document on film - constant struggle) that I've been sharing with you guys along the way already. If you haven't read one of my previous month on film posts then they are basically a 'dear diary' round-up type, running through everything that I got up to, thoughts, feelings and sharing my film snaps from along the way.

I met up with loads of lovely blogger pals throughout the month including this little gem above (Hannah) for lunches, coffees, shooting and the like, and I also worked with some cool brands too. I went to a lovely breakie with Debenhams beauty team for the launch of the new Proenza Schouler Arizona fragrance which was dead nice, shot with one of my fave brands Free People (eeeek), shot with super cool cashmere brand Duffy, visited loads of lovely press days and worked on an exciting campaign with FitFlop too! I think I've mentioned this to you guys in the past but I don't think I'll ever not get that feeling of giddiness when an excinting email lands in my inbox and that's one massive thing I love and appreciate about my job - you never know what the next month, week or even day sometimes is going to bring.

How dreamy is the Free People London showroom?!

I have felt a bit manic throughout April but I love being busy so really, I can't win! As ever it's hard to get that balance but ending the month in super sunny Crete for a long relaxing weekend with my Mama - so bloody lush - definitely did the trick in helping me to just switch off a bit (even if I did document all 312 outfits I took...) You can check out the full photo diary post here.

Theres something I just really love about holiday/ beach shots on film. I grew up by the seaside so maybe its because it really takes me back...

I absolutely love this photo of my Mam.

All in all I think it's been a pretty good month - ups and downs as always - but feeling v. lucky to have worked on some exciting things, hung out with some excellent gals and spent some quality down time with my fave woman. I also feel like my film camera skills are coming along - 35 out of 36 images came out this time round and that my friends, is a record for me on this 1969 Yashica dreamboat.

Again massive apols this is so late but I promise May will be on time (hopefully!!) and I'm also thinking to include my fave buys/ finds/ things I've been lusting over from the month too so stay tuned.




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