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Time Is Precious

On Wednesday I spent a wonderful evening with Olivia Burton Watches to celebrate the launch of their beautiful new Semi Precious rose quartz collection. We began the evening with some meditation and crystal healing using rose quartz with the lovely Wolf Sister. It was a super relaxing start to the evening that really reiterated just how precious your time is and how important it is to take time out and focus on relaxation regularly. I spend so much of my time running around like a crazy person trying to get 45647 things done in a day and sometimes you just need to take a break from the chaos and breathe.

I was Kindly gifted the rose gold watch from the new collection which has a rose quartz face (the crystal of love) with the idea that you always have it close to you to draw in love and positive energy. I'm actually not usually a rose gold kinda gal but I must say I really like this and it pretty much goes with everything too. I decided to style it here with an all white ensemble (for as long as it lasts - I'm so clumsy!), some summer raffia accessories and my new Mansur Gavriel gingham duffle bag.

Every time I look down at my wrist now I'll be reminded of how precious our time is and to always make sure I'm spending it wisely. I'm definitely going to make more of a conscious effort to take time for myself going forward, to switch off and to just breathe because honestly, #TimeIsPrecious and sometimes you just need a little reminder.

Shop the new collection here.



*This post is in collaboration with Olivia Burton


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