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A Sunny Disposition

Top: Zara, Dungarees: Alexachung, Basket: Fonott, Espadrilles: Viscata, Mac: Vintage Burberry

'The dark days are gone and the bright days are here...'

It's actually quite unbelievable how much a bit of sun can change my mood. When the sun comes out I instantly feel happier, lighter and generally just more content with life. I'm not even asking for crazy high temperatures here, but just a good chunk of sunshine and vitamin D to warm my bones (quite literally - Elliott says I have dead hands because they're always so freezing lolz) is delightfully accepted.

I've been feeling a little miserable, uninspired and generally just 'meh' over the past few months with regards to my content and, in some ways, general life too and the weather is massively to blame. As I'm sure most people in the UK have been lack-lustre with this hideous Winter we have had - us Brits love nothing more than to talk about the weather, all day, every day (come rain or shine tbh) but over the past two days the amount of positivity flowing from people sheerly just because the sun has finally made an appearance (after what has felt like the longest winter of my life) is amazing. As a rule, I prefer dressing for Winter - I love jumpers and coats and layering - however I'm always ready for the seasons to change and since it's been in the minuses for like, ever, I feel like I've never wanted summer more. I'm desperate to bare a pin or two and sport my sunnies without looking like an over-optimistic keen bean...

I feel so much more inspired and productive (although don't get me wrong the though of sitting in a park/ beer garden all day without a care in the world sounds pretty enticing too...) to write and create, not to mention the fact I can actually shoot loads of Spring/ Summer content to share with you guys and actually wear all of my new summer dresses out of the house - hurray! I feel like my head is buzzing with ideas, a sunny outlook and well, a whole lot of optimism I guess - let's hope it's here to stay all Summer!

Hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather just as much :)

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