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March on 35mm

I feel like March has gone so quick I can hardly believe it's April next week. I don't feel ready, and I'm sure as hell the weather isn't... seriously where is Spring?? I'm so very British and will moan about the weather forever and always, soz about me. I feel like it was just Christmas and now mid-season sales are here and I want to buy all the Summer stuff but it's still freezing and am I just turning into a seventy five year old Grandma? Who knows.

Anyway as I said, I'm going to start doing a post every month where I share with you my 35mm snaps and generally just have a ramble about what I've been up to etc. I'm still not doing amazing with this vintage camera of mine but I so want to be good! I always get dead excited to get my images back and so far have been a little disappointed as probably only a third of the film comes out/ are decent shots. I need to watch some more youtube vids on it though as I'm basically just pointing and shooting and hoping for the best at the moment but realistically I need to know the ins and outs. I'm thinking I might get a flash for it too as a lot of the time lighting is the issue with photos not coming out. I'm really keen to shoot more outfit shots (as in for a full blog posts) on film too as I just really love the aesthetic of film photography and love trying to be a bit more creative with my content.

March has been a month spent of dodging horrific weather in order to try to get as many outfit shots as possible and remembering to take pictures on my film camera too! I think in the cold weather it makes it harder as I just want to get it over and done with as quick as possible and rush back inside to feel my hands and toes again to be honest. I reckon when it starts to warm up a bit and I'm generally out and about in the fresh air more I'll hopefully be snapping away more too.

A few Sundays ago I dragged Ell along to Columbia Road Flower Market with me and although it was a beautiful day with blue skies and sunshine, it was bloody freezing and wandering was kept to a minimum. I absolutely love heading there on a Sunday afternoon, having a mooch and getting fresh flowers for the flat. Obviously 100 times better in the warmth though when you can stop off in beer gardens along the way without a second thought of pneumonia...

It was one of my best pals birthday mid-march and most of my friends from home live in London already which is great, but we had one of our gals down from Leeds for the occasion too and it was bloody lovely. There's nothing like a birthday weekend with your oldest pals, a ridiculous amount of prosecco and some very questionable dancing to make you feel good. I've been friends with these girls for over ten years now and back in the day we would be uploading facebook albums left right and centre full of snaps, however we basically never take photos any anymore so obvs I whipped out the film camera to document the occasion. Quite literally, girls on film.

This photo made me laugh as it has pretty bad lens flare, but there is literally a filter on Afterlight that enables you to purposely make you photos looks like this. Film photography - the original filter.

Hopefully we will get some nice weather and hopefully I'll make some progress in the next month so my April snaps will be better! Practice makes perfect ey.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter!




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