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Since the age of seven when my parents broke up I have been brought up single handedly by my Mother, along with my older brother and sister, so it's fair to say that female influence has massively shaped who I am today. I may be slightly biased, but my Mam is amazing and quite frankly the best person I know, male or female. She has brought me up to be strong, independent, intelligent, happy and confident, and to always believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. She leads by example and has always been the biggest grafter, the loveliest, the strongest (both mentally and physically, she always did the DIY..), the happiest and most utterly selfless role model for us. It’s no surprise then, that I strongly believe women (well, everyone for that matter) deserve to be treat as equals in this world, surely that is just fucking common sense?  

Just this week I was walking down my street past a group of work men, I was wearing no make-up, baggy jeans Avril Lavigne would have been proud of and no bra, so safe to say I've looked better, yet STILL they felt the need to whistle and shout obscenities at me? Now to be quite honest, I could have been walking down the street naked, it still doesn't give them the right to utter anything towards me, but as I initially clocked them I felt myself look down and quicken the pace, as if by even flickering my eyes in their direction might encourage them. Literally what the hell though? Why are we made to feel that way? We should never have to apologise for being a woman, ever. 

In my opinion, being a feminist - advocating women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes - shouldn't even be a 'thing' you have to be, why do we have to fight for equality? Fight to be treat equal to every man on this earth? To be paid the same for doing the same work as a man? Fight to not be heckled at in the street? Fight for what is right? Don't get me wrong I'm proud to be a feminist yes, but imagine a world where we didn't need to be? Where we didn't need to explain, to prove, to fight to be treat as equals? Thankfully, times are a'changing and ‘the f word’ is no longer despised and frowned upon as it has been in the past, it's no longer a muttered dirty word (I'd like to think) and we are no longer afraid to shout about what we support and believe in. More and more young girls are proudly declaring themselves feminists and more and more females are questioning 'why'? That is one thing I absolutely love social media and the blogging world for - the togetherness and support it can bring. The recent #metoo and #timesup social campaigns have done a great deal in bringing feminism and the issues females have to deal with to the forefront; encouraging a conversation, encouraging women to speak up, to support one another, to support change and ultimately to fight for what is right knowing that they are not alone and their voices will be heard. That little fuzzy feeling you get inside when girls support girls and champion togetherness is bloody lovely. I have met so many wonderful women on this amazing blogging journey and am constantly getting inspired daily, both on and and offline and I really feel like I'm part of a strong female dominated community.

 I can't really believe I'm STILL, in 2018, having to write things like this - as if everyone on the planet shouldn't be treated as equal as standard. Just the other day I saw on Instagram the recent Burberry campaign that features two men kissing, and was almost sick at some of the comments beneath. I just can't get my head around people who feel hatred towards another persons choices. Life would be bloody boring if we were all the same let me tell you that. Anyway, here I am, and here I will be, for as long as necessary supporting what is absolutely one hundred percent right. This year marks 100 years of women being able to vote and have an opinion, and I am proud to have my say, to stand alongside other women, to support one another, strive for change and give a damn.

Happy International Women's day you excellent bunch.


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