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New Year In Amsterdam

As I'm suuure you're well aware (if you follow me on Insta that is), I spent New Year in Amsterdam with my boyf Elliott and subsequently have circa. 16726 snaps to share with you guys. I love Amsterdam, it's one of my fave cities, but it rained approximately 80% of the time we were there which I was most upset about. I HATE the rain, and I stupidly took a fur coat as my only element protecting option so as you can imagine I resembled a wet mutt for the duration. Anywayyyy, we still had a lovely time there celebrating the new year in one of the most beautiful cities and seeing in 2018 beneath a sky full of sparkling fireworks (and also fearing for our lives at times tbh as people literally just set fireworks off in the street and throw them out of not lol one thing to be mindful of if you ever plan on spending NY on the streets on Amsterdam)

Although I have been to Amsterdam a few times before, I am always keen to get input on where to go, what to see and do and any new places to try. You guys were amazing with the reccies so thank you, and I must say Carrie's Amsterdam guide was my constant go to! If you're planning a trip you absolutely must check it out. We stayed at a hotel called The Armada which was nice enough and in a great central location, but as it was new year the hotel prices were crazy so unfortunately we coudn't stay at the Hoxton which was my hotel of choice! We did manage to pop in there for a coffee and rain shelter though and it's a beaut. Last time we visited we stayed at the Llloyd Hotel which is slightly out of the centre but so amazing - basically a Wes Anderson dream with so much character - it used to be an old prison which is slightly creepy but also quite fascinating too! I would highly reccomend staying there if you're headed to the 'Dam, love a bit of character and aren't too fussed on being mega central.

In terms of lovely little spots for coffee/ brunch etc. we visited Cafe George which has a lovely vibe and interior. We didn't eat here but I had a delicious hot choccy! As I mentioned, we stopped by the super cool Hoxton hotel for coffee too and it lived up to expectation - v. v. grammable and the coffee wasn't too shabby either! We spent our three days there exploring as much as possible but due to the weather had to run for shelter quite a bit so I probably didn't see as much as I would have liked. We did spend half a day wandering round the Rijksmuseum which I would highly reccomend - Ell is a massive Vermeer fan and there are four of his works on display in there so he was in his element. The research Library is an amazing sight to be witnessed too, it's one of the main art history libraries in the world and it just looks incredible. I spent a good half hour in there taking snaps, obvs. We had to queue for ages for tickets into the museum though so I would definitely reccomend buying online before hand if you can!

In total we spent two nights and three days there and i'd say this is a good amount of time to squeeze a lot into. There's always so much more to do and see though so maybe next time i'll hang around for longer and venture a bit further out of the city. Forever in awe of the beautiful streets, beautiful buildings and super chilled way of life over there. Until next time Amsterdam, I love you.



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