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I've Got Your Back(pack)

Bag: c/o Mi-Pac, Shoes: Converse, Dress: Realisation Par, Beret: Vinatge and Sunglasses: Gucci

So festival season is in fullllll swing and I was lucky enough to be invited to Lovebox last Friday with the lovely Mi-Pac folk. Thanks for all of your help in picking my outfit by the way pals, as you can see I opted for number two - the star print dress and silver backpack - and had to throw in a red beret too because it was Bastille Day! I was there along with Sophia - one of my fave babes ever, and Paige who I met for the first time and was so lovely too! We ate some delicious food, drank lots and pranced and danced the day away (mostly) in the sunshine, hurray!

So I've never realised how much of a festival essential a backpack is until now. Gone are the days of trying to squeeze everything into what is essentially a cross-body purse, and hello lets take everything but the kitchen sink along with us - you know you're DEFINITELY gonna need those tissues, wet wipes, dry shampoo and your whole make-up bag... it's also great for fitting my camera in too so a) I don't constantly look like Dora the Explorer (although I mean defo not the worst style inspo..) and b) I don't smash it into smithereens prancing about all day. It also enables hands free for other really important festival activities like eating all of the snacks and carrying about five drinks at a time. If by now you're not already sold - other v. important features of the silver dream that I feel you should know are as follows:

- Makes you feel about 12 again

- Also makes you feel a bit like a Ninja Turtle

- Doubles up as a mirror

- Big enough to fit the essentials without being a beast

- Actually super lightweight and comfortable hanging on your shoulders

- Goes perfectly with star print

- Doubles up as a head rest for when you've had a few too many Corona's

- It's always got your back (soz not soz)

What's not to love? You can shop the full Mi-Pac range here.

Where to next for me and my silver shell?




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