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A Long Weekend Away

Sunglasses: Ray ban via ASOS, Shirt: vintage, Shorts: Levi's, Bikini: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Birkenstock via Urban Outfitters, Basket: Vintage, Pineapple: C/O Malibu

Hat: Vintage, Sunglasses: Ebay, Dress: Zara, Shoes: a little Spanish espadrille shop!

Dress: zara, Shoes; Saltwater, Bag: Vintage, Hat, Vintage, Sunglasses: Ebay

So as you may or may not be aware (pretty sure you are aware due to my Insta-spam like...) I jetted off to Malaga in Spain for a pretty (Taylor) swift 72 hours in the sun over the Bank Holiday Easter weekend. It was a super last minute break that My Mama, Sister and I booked literally the week before as we decided we desperately needed some sun (first world problems) and it did not disappoint. As our only criteria was sun and cocktails we Googled the closest, cheapest place where it would be hottest over Easter weekend and Malaga came in first place with highs of 29 degrees! Yayyyy! So anyway i'm not here to write you up a review of Benalmadena (which, all of my life up until now, I had been pronouncing Belamadena...) as it would basically go a little something like 'I lay on a sun lounger, turned into a lobster, drank all of the cocktails and wore some nice outfits...the end' but instead am sharing my advice and tips on packing for a long weekend in the sun.

Now if you've viewed my insta holiday coverage at all then I know what you're thinking, how many outfits can one girl squeeze into three days huh? But when I tell you I only had hand luggage allocation to take with, I think the bigger question is HOW did said girl fit it all in??? The inflatable pineapple? The six pairs of shoes? the sizeable basket bag? Well, unless Mary Poppin's invented a suitcase version of her notorious bottomless bag, very strategically indeed my friends.

Hat: Vintage, Sunglasses: Celine, Shirt: Shrimps, Bikini: Archive by Alexa @ M&S, Shorts: AC for AG, Shoes: Birkenstock, Basket: Vintage

Shoes: Saltwater, Sunglasses: Ebay

Dress: Zara kids, Basket: Vintage, Shoes H&M

The biggest issue with hand luggage only is inevitably accessories, namely shoes. If you are one of these people that can just wear one pair with everything then I salute you! But if, like me, selecting a holiday shoe-drobe is like choosing between your children (I'd imagine, I don't have any to verify this) then six pairs for three days it is. So technically I only took five pairs as I purchased one pair out there (although I guess I did need to fit these in the case to come home..). On a side note though this is a great technique depending on where you are going - Spain: the home of the espadrilles, Portugal: the home of the Birkin basket and France: the home of the stripe, are all offering their signature goods for the treat yourself holiday purchasing meaning you don't need to take with and can just indulge once there! Space saver alert, well one way at least as you do need to bring them back, but depending on what airline you fly with there is usually leeway of some extra bits and you can judge this on your outward flight as to how much of an eyelid they bat re: luggage weight/size.

T-shirt: Ganni, Shorts: AC for AG, Shoes: Viscata, Sunglasses: Ebay, Bag: APC

So, my top ten short-on-space-hand-luggage-only-situation tips are as follows:

1. First and foremost check who you're flying with - Easy Jet are strict AF and you're not even allowed an additional handbag alongside your carry on case, whereas others (including Jet2 who I flew with) didn't seem to have a care in the world about my cross-body handbag and possibly overweight expandable case situation....

2. Wear as much as you can to travel in. Sure, upon arrival in 28 degree heat you may be a little warm with seven tops, three jackets and the clumpiest pair of shoes ever on your person but hey, it's a risk all you indecisive Irene's out there (and the one typing this up..) need to take.

3. Luckily summer gear is small/thin/lightweight, don't go taking that bejeweled maxi dress that takes up half of your case space and weighs that of a small elephant.

4. Take separates that work well together: a couple of pairs of denim shorts, an array of cute tops and some layer-able cami dresses and you're sorted for all those different looks come day or night.

5. If you insist on taking a basket bag (guilty) make sure you pack things inside it before packing it into your case to maximise space!

6. Buy all toiletries at the airport. Buy the whole of Boots if you so wish once you're through the gates as this is an additional allowance on top of your luggage. It saves essential weight, space and the dead annoying plastic bag at security situation.

7. Flat sandals and flip flops take up like no space. Go to town.

8. Make sure your inflatable pineapple folds up teeny tiny.

9. A little bit of choice is great but you only have one body and three days/ nights, quality over quantity.

10. And finally, the straw hat! Either travel in it or find one that folds flat into your case.

Dress: Zara, Espadrilles: Viscata, Bag: Vintage

Bikini: Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses: Ebay, Hat: Vintage, Necklace: Chupi

Top: Monki, Shorts: AC for AG, sunglasses: ebay

Top: Zara, Jeans: Levi's, Sunglasses: Ebay, Watch: Timex

I hope that was of some use, or at least made you do a little chuckle if nothing else. Happy holidays you packing pro's!




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