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Self Loving

Jumper - Bella Freud

Collar - COS

Jeans - American Apparel

Last Wednesday evening I was invited to preview Paperchase's Love week where we got a taster of some of the dead nice things you can get involved in over the next week across various Paperchase stores.

First up we got creative (well actually first up we drank prosec, priorities) and had a stab at making our own valentines cards with a dead snazzy heated sticky foil technique (the proper technical term for it I'm sure *emoji eyes*). Obviously I was buzzing because I am an absolute magpie and anything metallic is a yes from me. I also love being creative and faffy so really just an ideal night for me. If you fancy getting creative too there are more workshops on offer over the next week than you can shake a stick at, from flower arranging to scrap booking and calligraphy there is pretty much something for everyone. Full list of goings on can be found here:

Second on the agenda for the evening was all about learning to self-love with a little help from the lovely ladies at Project Love. Selina and Vicki are on a mission to help you create a life and relationship you love starting with the most important relationship of all: the one you have with yourself. After an inspiring talk on the importance of self-love and tips on how to not let the self deprecating shitty committee take over in order to have a happy and healthy love life, our task was to write a self-love letter to yourself from your wise older self full of encouragement and support. At first I was a bit like ermmm what am I going to write? But then weirdly as soon as I put (snazzy silver butterfly) pen to (super cute gold patterned) paper it just started flowing. I'm not gonna go all Carrie Bradshaw covered in Stilton on you but it's surprising how even the most dubious self-doubters among us can muster up at least three paragraphs of self-positivity and good advice. Now I just need to learn to listen to my own advice! One love letter later and I was off posting it in the heart-adorned Paperchase post box ready to be sent out to me just in time for Valentine's Day (I know, how cute!) and my head was full of happy thoughts and essentially, self-love. So a big thanks to the lovely pair at Project Love for encouraging me to stop being my biggest critic and start being my biggest supporter. If you could do with a bit more self-love in your life then you absolutely need to go to one of their talks - tickets here.

So, whether you're single, taken or otherwise this Valentines Day don't miss #loveweek at Paperchase (starting tomorrow) because whatever you choose to get involved in I guarantee you will leave feeling lovely!



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