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Ugg vs. Emu Mini Boots

(In these images I'm wearing the Uggs)

Soooo been meaning to do this blog post for ages now so apologies for the delay - things have just been pretty busy around here recently but finally getting around to penning (tapping) my thoughts!

(In these images i'm wearing the Emu's)

A few months back now I got both the Ugg classic mini boot in chestnut and the Emu Stinger micro boots in chestnut as I simply couldn't decide, and intended on only keeping one pair, but ended up keeping both so that I could do a wearer comparison for you guys. Now I know both boots do look pretty similar and largely, they are, but there's definitely a few things for me that differ. I started off thinking one pair were my faves but after wearing them both for the last few months I think my opinion has changed! I do love both though and as I say they are very similar, but further discussions, points and which work best for me below....


So they are both called the same colour - chestnut - however they are slightly different. The Ugg's are more of an orange tan colour, whereas the Emu's are a browner chestnut and personally I prefer the slightly more muted colour of them. It isn't too different but I do think you can notice in the images if you have a good look between the two.


The quality of both the Emu's and the Ugg's are really great. I am a long time fan of Emu slippers so I knew the quality of the boots would be great too, and then I did have a pair of Ugg's back in my youth and remember the quality being tip top. I actually think my Mam still wears them now all these years later just to pop to the shop and take the bins out lol so I guess that is a testament to their quality approx. 15 years later! At first in comparing the two I initially thought that the Emu's were better quality and the lining of them is more shearling-y type sheepskin, whereas the Ugg's feel a little thiner/ softer/ furry. However after wearing them both for a few months now I think the quality is pretty much on par - both great!


So I was comparing the Micro Emu boots with the mini Ugg boots as I would say these are the most like for like (however Ugg do do a smaller ultra mini boot, but to me they're too shoe like and have a slanted top rather than straight across), so the Ugg's are slightly higher in length than the Emu's, which I think I prefer. These are my fave style of Ugg's/ Emu's and I do like the other colour options that they both come in too, but the chestnut is most 'me'. I actually think they're are so easy to style in Winter/ colder months and they go with anything really. They are obviously more of a casual/ relaxed vibe boot but I do think that the Ugg's for some reason feel a little smarter than the Emu's - possibly because they're a little slimmer. The Emu's tended to be more my throw on pair rather than styled outfit pair and felt more slipper like.


The Prices are similar-ish with the Ugg's being a bit more expensive at £145 and the Emu's are £99. Not a cheap footwear choice however I do think that they are a good investment as they are something that you can bring out every year and as I said they do go with so many outfit options! They are also without a doubt the most comfortable shoes that I own and are both like walking on clouds!

Overall Thoughts

I absolutely love Emu as a brand - their slippers are my absolute faves and I've been wearing them for years, so naturally I thought that I would prefer the Emu boot! However, I think the Uggs ever so slightly pip them to the post for me mainly because they just feel like more of a boot and less of a slipper, and thus making me feel a little bit more put together!

If you have any more questions or anything I didn't cover just drop me a message :)



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1 Comment

Oct 25, 2023

how about their waterproof properties? Is there a difference? and the soles is it just emu that's profiled soles and water-resistent? I'm contemplating before with the student discount uggs are at the same price as the stinger mini but i guess stinger mini is a bit longer. Also wondering about the difference in hight of the soles is it sth worth consideration?



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