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Self-Care Beauty

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Now seems like a better time than ever to take some much needed time and practice some self-care whilst we're all staying at home, so I've put together a little post to help with all of my favourite self-care beauty products I'm using right now to make myself feel a little bit better in these difficult times.

For me, a nice hot bath is the ultimate relaxation and self-care, and I've been adding these Cowshed Sleep Calming Bath Salts recently which are not only so soothing but also making my skin feel super soft afterwards too. I also love the Seed to Skin Bath Oil for deep relaxation and it also makes my skin feel really hydrated post soak.

Whilst being at home over the last few weeks, i've never had more time on my hands to be face masking which has been so lovely as i've had a fair few i've been wanting to try out. Seed to Skin Black Magic Mask is one of those that you can really feel working and i've been loving using it over the last couple of weeks (although very messy as it's a charcoal mask and i'm very clumsy!) as well as the Glossier Moon Mask which feels quite light on the skin and leaves you feeling super glowy and hydrated.

I absolutely love a face oil and have recently been trying the Diptyque Infused Face Oil which is just is lovely! It is Infused with white iris extract and rose petals so instantly I was hooked because - so cute- haha but seriously it's amazing and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and radiant. Also with washing my hands so much they've become so dry over the last month so i've been using many a nourishing moisturiser to stop them crisping up. Ive been loving Chanel Creme Main and Miller Harris Rose Silence Hand Cream which smells AMAZING! With more baths than usual and since we are heading into legs out weather i've been moisurising every body inch religiously too and have been using Le Labo Rose 31 Body Cream (the matching fragrance is my absolute number one so obvs this was a huge hit with me) which I got via John Lewis and also Beauty Pie Healthy Skin Moisturiser is literally the best body moisturiser I think ive ever used. Bold statement I know but seriously its just so thick and creamy, smells delicious and keeps your skin so hydrated - love! I have also been using Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Hair and Body Cream for anything and everything as it's the perfect universal balm for both hair and skin, leaving you feel super hydrated and smelling great too!

Finally, just to really get that spa feeling at home i've also been using Espa Body Oil in the evening after a bath and it's just so lovely and luxurious. Love lathering it on and letting it sink into my skin overnight, waking up suitably silky and hydrated.

I have even just been loving lighting candles and getting cosy on the couch at night and really just trying to enjoy the slower pace right now. Hope you're all taking this opportunity to give yourself some TLC at home and a little bit of self-care, whatever that means for you.



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1 opmerking

21 apr. 2020

What a brilliant blog! Loved reading it and seeing all your lovely products. A great idea whilst we are all in lockdown! Such a proud mama I am xx

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