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The Plaid Overshirt

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Coat: Acne Studios, Jumper: Sunspel (g), Bag: Chloe via Matches Fashion, Jeans: Levis (g), Boots: Chanel via Vestiaire

Now let it be noted (if I haven’t declared it enough previously) that I hate the word shacket, hence why they shall be known as overshirts throughout this post, and beyond, by me.

So we’re at the end of October and the new season is firmly upon us, which brings forth many, many jackets to my attention. Most options that I have recently fallen in love with seem to be plaid and so I thought I should probably consolidate all my faves for you here in one referable blog post. Honestly just when I think I’ve found the perfect one, I spy another fighting for my attention and I definitely think the plaid jack is my perfect Autumn piece.

I actually got this Acne Studios beaut when I was in NYC back in March from the premium outlets called Woodbury common just outside of the city, and it was love at first sight. It was also half price so I absolutely had to treat myself (i mean, it still wasn’t cheap but it’s an investment for sure). Obviously the quality of this one is top notch and I love the complimentary colour combo too. In terms of weight it’s pretty light but it does keep you sufficiently warm and I’d categorise it somewhere between a jacket and a coat - a joat? Or a cocket? Take your pick. I found a similar one on my hunt too which i've linked below for you but don't forget you can always check out sites such as Vestiaire or Ebay for this one or any that you have seen me in that may be sold out!

There are also so many vintage plaid overshirts/ shackets/ jackets/ joats (?!) to be hunted out too, so thats always a great sustainable and cost effective option to consider, or failing that steal one from your BF!

I hope you find your perfect plaid piece this Autumn too!




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