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Love Letters to My Wardrobe

Blazer: Vintage Burberry, Jumper: & Other Stories, Jeans: Topshop, Boots: Church's via Vestiaire Collective, Bag: Chloe via Matches Fashion

Clothes make me really happy. Not a surprise statement I’m sure, but I do indeed fall in love on the daily for all kinds of sartorial delights. I have loved clothes for as long as I can remember and I’m pretty sure I’ll love them for ever more too, so this Valentine’s Day I wanted to let my wardrobe know how much it means to me. There are few things on this earth that make me as happy as clothes do and the power a good outfit or a perfect piece has over me is mammoth. That feeling you get when you’re excited to wear something, when you just feel really nice in something, that makes me happy. I might sound shallow AF but I really do love clothes and shoes and bags and fashion, and it’s always been a constant. Sure, you can’t snuggle up to a coat at night (well, debatable tbh because my Toteme furry dream would be an excellent cuddler) but they’re never gonna annoy you and they’re always gonna be there to make you feel good. Don’t get me wrong I love people too (lolz) but my love for my sartorial selections over the years has been endless.

This outfit makes me really happy and features a lot of current key pieces and favourites within my wardrobe. My Chloe Tess was a recent purchase after selling and saving for ages to get it, and the excitement about it is real! I'd also been after some Church's boots for ages too and snapped these ones up on Vestiaire a few weeks ago. Not only do the big treats just excite me though, I love nothing more than finding a vintage gem or picking up pieces in charity shops too, and it's all of those pieces that make my beloved wardrobe.

So, an ode to my wears this v. Day - I will always love you. Rachael X


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