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Barcelona: A Birthday Surprise Trip

So last Thursday was my 29th birthday and my lovely boyfriend took me on a surprise trip to Barcelona! I literally had no idea where we were going up until we got to security at the airport and all he told me was the temperature so that I could pack accordingly. I am usually so hard to surprise and although I love them, I am a bit of a control freak so he did exceptionally well keeping it from me/ planning it all so well.

We stayed in a lovely hotel in Eixample called The Corner which I would definitely recommend. It was very aesthetically pleasing - which we both really enjoy, not just me haha - the service was lovely and it was also in a great location too. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon and left Friday morning so had around two days in Barca to explore. It was the first time i've been and I absolutely fell in love with it. I mean, besides the fact that it was 13 degrees which was positively tropical compared to London, it has such a lovely vibe too and wandering round the beautiful streets we stumbled upon loads of cute spots. On our first night we went for dinner to a restaurant called Boca Grande and it was an absolute delight. We had steak, red wine and delicious cocktails, and the place itself was as lovely as the food.

On the second day which was my birthday, we headed to Brunch & Cake for brunch and it's basically an Instagram dream (if thats your kind of thing). The food is asking to be snapped, with the word 'cake' spelt out in melon atop my BF's breakfast burrito, but is also delicious too which for me, is the main thing. Following a late brunch we took our hangovers to the beach and sat by the sea getting started on our next hangover with some sangria. We spent the evening in El Born which is full of cute bars and restaurants and we sampled some tapas and many, many cocktails - we absolutely loved it here.

All in all I had a wonderful time and think it was the perfect few days away to escape the British weather. I would love to go back again in Spring or Summer too.



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