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My Top Sale picks

Coat: Mango, Skirt: Warehouse, Boots: By Far, T-shirt: Sunspel

Since almost all of the sales have started now, I thought I'd share with you my top savvy shopper sale picks that i've come across. These are all things that I either already own/ want, or things that I absolutely love and are generally a good investment buy. I have always been a sale lover, however I'm definitely more of a considered shopper on the discounted rails these days and believe that it's only really a bargain if you wanted it anyway or it's something you'll wear/ use over and over again. Ask yourself whether it really is a good buy before diving in and being full of regret on that 'bag you really wanted but the weird hot pink colour was on sale' so you made do. I find having a list of a few things I really want and specifically looking for them always helps too, even if it's not an exact item, just good to know if you're looking for a black mid-size designer crossbody bag for example. I snapped up these By Far boots in the Joan sale and I'd been eyeing them up for ages and was ready to pounce as and when so they we're definitely a considered purchase. I also massively wanted that yellow check Alexachung jacket but it sold out instantly everywhere (cry), however I did get this Mango Check number which is so similar and also on sale now too! Make sure you get on it sooner rather than later though as things sell out so quick. So yeah hopefully you find this round up useful if you've been looking for any of these items, or something similar for a bargainous price!

Happy shopping :)




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