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A Day Trip to Paris

I had a very surreal day on Saturday. I was invited to Paris with Jeanne Damas and Lauren Bastide to celebrate the launch of their new book 'In Paris'. Yes, you read that right, with Jeanne Damas! I mean, I'm pretty sure you all know by now just how much of a Parisian wannabe and Jeanne fangirl I am so it's safe to say I was ecstatic about such an invite! We met Jeanne and Lauren at St. Pancras before boarding the Eurostar in our own private carriage ready for a Q&A with the lovely ladies. The book is an exploration of inspirational Parisian women, from artists to activists from all different walks of life, and accompanied by beautiful images mostly shot by Jeanne, as well as tips on secret Parisian hideaways. Basically a dream read for a Parisian wannabe like me. After having chatted to the girls it became quickly apparent that Jeanne is just as much of a complete babe in real life as I thought she would be, and super friendly too, and Lauren was also an absolute gem. They were both really chatty with Jeanne discussing plans to open Rouje stores in the near future (eeeek!) and Lauren telling me all about her podcast La Poudre which I can't wait to have a listen to. I majorly tried to keep my fan grilling to a minimum but not sure I succeeded tbh (see selfie on the 'gram...). The ride to Pareee was spent chatting and wine sipping with the girls and some other lovely bloggers, and once we arrived we only had four hours to make the most of the beautiful city. Paris is one of my favourite places and the weather was perfect too. We were taken on a tour of some of Jeanne's fave places including the Musée de la Vie Romantique which I had actually never been to and it was so lovely and right up my street. I can see why it's a fave of hers and would 100% recommend a visit if you're ever in town

We then wandered up to Montmartre which is one of my favourite spots in Paris too and has the most amazing views over the city and so many cute spots to sit out in the sunshine. Me and Stella managed to squeeze in a quick Aperol Spritz before heading back to get the Eurostar home. What an absolutely wonderful day! Thanks so much to Penguin Books for inviting me along :)

In Paris is available now in any good book store.



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