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Corduroy: A Love Story

T-shirt: Gestuz

Shoes (similar): John Lewis & Partners

Sunglasses (similar): Jimmy Fairly

As a long standing fan of corduroy, come Autumn it pretty much takes up half of my wardrobe and this season you literally cannot move for it in the shops. I. am. delighted. I have fallen in love with more brown suits over the past month or so than I have had hot dinners. I mean, I'm not corduroy biased, i'll take it in most shades, but there is just something delightfully fugly about brown cord that I simply can't say no to, that wins me over every time. Yes, you may think I look like a confused cross between Wes Anderson and your year eight Geography teacher, and I'm fully aware that this get-up is possibly top ten on the man-repeller list, however it just makes me so happy and I am very much of the phrase - 'if you like it, wear it'. I absolutely love the Seventies cut and shade of this Free People suit, and surprisingly enjoy the fact that I look like I'm expecting floods - I've come to terms with the fact trousers are never ever going to be long enough for these limbs and so I'm embracing the crop, always.

I paired the suit with my new Jimmy Fairly shades and this Gestuz tee as I feel they both lend themselves well to the seventies theme i've got going on here. The penny loafers are from the new John Lewis & Partners collection and I'll be styling these with anything and everything forever more because they're just the perfect shoes if you ask me, oh and super comfy too! So as I said, I've fallen in love with so many cord suits, and just corduroy based garms in general, recently so I thought I'd share all of my faves with you guys if you too fancy getting involved with velvet's less chic cousin and giving your old school teachers a run for their money....

Shop this outfit below:

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