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Embracing All White

Tee: Hundred Club, Skirt: Pixie Market, Trainers: Vans, Sunglasses: Mango

As what can only be described as a ridiculously clumsy girl, wearing an all white outfit can be risky business to say the least....

I just really love pairing white on white/ cream/ beige and so, it is in fact a risk I am more than willing to take in the name of fashion. I'm particularly into wearing different shades of white together and playing with different textures too, and I'm sure you've seen in a lot of my Instagram snaps recently those & Other Stories cream linen trews that I absolutely can't get enough of. This silky number is a newer wardrobe addition and I had been after a cream satin skirt for what felt like a thousand years. I had had my eye on this sold out Pixie Market number for ages so naturally I was delighted when it came back into stock and couldn't get it into my basket quick enough. I was unsure on sizing with it being an American brand that I'd never ordered from before and opted for a medium which thankfully fits me perfectly. It's fully lined, made from a super thick satin-like material and cut on the bias which makes for a super flattering and timeless style.

The styling possibilities are endless with this skirt and as you may have seen in my recent catch up post I paired it with a leopard shirt which works really well too. This time round I wanted to dress it down with a tee and trainers, proving it's versatility and cementing my love for an all white ensemble. I love how this look turned out and I literally can't get enough of pale pairings right now, so I'm gonna make the most of that before I get too overexcited for Autumn to make an appearance and for 90% of my wardrobe to be toned accordingly.

Now if everyone could just stay away from me with their coffee, red wine and any non-beige based food and drink that would be great....

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!




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