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A Good Combo

Suit: Miss Selfridge, Tee: & Other Stories, Sandals: Amazon Find, Sunglasses: Mango and Bag: Paradise Row

There's something about a suit that just makes me feel powerful and put together, and this orange number is no exception. I absolutely love the colour of this. Burnt orange is one of my favourite colours to wear (in case you hadn't noticed at all) and it's making me really excited for Autumn to make it's appearance too. Autumn is my favourite season and as I'm sure you've heard me say many times - I always prefer dressing for A/W. I love layering, I love ankle boots and I love coats and jackets and being able to wear considered outfits rather than just an easy slip dress because it's too hot for anything more. Don't get me wrong I love summer too, I'm just always ready for the season to change and I guess, even more so this year since we have actually had a great summer and I've worn all of my Summer outfits which never happens! For the next couple of months though, I'll just be battling through that very weird in-between seasons time when you don't know whether to wear a bikini or a fur coat....

I'd also just like to note that this suit is, in fact, petite and whilst nothing about me is petite (I'm 5ft 11) it still works so well as a cropped trew! Improvisation is key my friends!

The second part of this outfit that I wanted to mention is of course this dream of a bag by Paradise Row. If you haven't already heard me banging on about how much I love this indie East London brand then listen up! Founder Nika wanted to create a luxury leather goods brand that was designed and made here in East London, supporting all of the different components of the local trade chain and voila - Paradise Row was born. Her first and original Collection, CORE, actively promotes the social and cultural constitutions which make up the local area of East London; The Pearly King & Queens, the London Buddhist Centre, The Repton Boys Boxing Club and Cordwainers College, now part of the world-renowned London College of Fashion. Buying a Paradise Row bag not only makes you look cool AF but also makes you feel equally cool by supporting an independent and sustainable local brand that is one of the very few bag brands both designing and producing in London. My new baby is the 'Hope' bag and is part of the brands second and latest collection - Empathy - which is inspired by physiology and human emotion.



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