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Leopard Print

Dress: Rixo London, Trainers: Vans, Bag: Les Cactus Uniques, Necklaces: Wald Berlin, Chupi and Amanda Deer

Every single time, without fail, whenever I wear leopard print Elliott will start singing 'Yoooo, I'll tell you what I want what I really, really want...' - thankfully I don't wear it that much (lolz) but to be honest, I also can't help but associate the print with a certain Spice too (or, like, an Eastenders starlet). Leopard print is a crowd divider I feel, much like Marmite, and you usually love it or you hate it, however I've very much been on the fence and for me it all depends on the type of print. There are SO many different leopard prints out there and it really can look so different, especially with how you style it too. I haven't worn leopard print in a while to be honest but find myself drawn to an uncharacteristically high amount of pieces lately. It's definitely having a moment, both in the shops and in my wardrobe, and over the past two weeks I've purchased three leopard print garms (more than I have probably in the last year).

Exhibit A - this Rixo number. It's so Nineties in both style and print, and I definitely could picture Scary sporting this circa '95. Now Nineties isn't massively my vibe but it was love at first sight with this dress and it works so well both dressed up and down. Believe me when I say I've tried on A LOT of shoe options with it and it basically goes with everything I pulled out - boots, sandals, trainers you name it. I love the type of leopard print it is too - quite minimal and almost polka-dot-esque. This, and my Realisation Leopard skirt are two of my current wardrobe faves so I think it's safe to say, I'm partial to a bit of leopard print after all - sometimes a leopard can change it's spots.



Shop a selection of my fave leopard print pieces below:


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