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Linen Love

Linen suit: Topshop, Body: H&M, Basket: Fonott and Shoes: Nomadic State Of Mind via & Other Stories

So far this Summer my love for linen is pretty undying. I'm a gal obsessed - dresses, tops, jackets, whatever I can get my mitts on to be honest, and most recently - this dreamy suit. I love the effortlessness of linen, the fact that it's light and floaty so you're not sweltering in this crazy London heat, and the fact it just always reminds me of holidays and sunshine (let's not talk about the creases...).

This Topshop suit is perfect - the colour, the cut and the fact it looks just as good worn as separates too. I've already worn both pieces so much in so many different ways; the blazer looks great thrown on over a strappy mini dress and the trews work well paired with pretty much anything, but I've been favouring a classic white tee and plimsoles combo. For this post though, i thought i'd share the full suit in all of it's glory. The trews are high waisted wide leg and the jacket is slouchy oversized - both super easy styles to wear in the heat.

Creams and browns have been my constant go-to lately, so pairing with this brown body was inevitable. I also can't get enough of these rope sandals at the moment and am always obsessed with a basket bag so accessories-wise it was an obvious choice too! The only issue with linen in the fact that within approximately 3 mins of ironing it (a task i'm not a fan of at the best of times), it's creased to bits. If you just don't sit down you're all good, or, alternatively if someone could just follow me around with a steamer that would be excellent.... any takers?!

I think this duo will definitely be one that see's me through to the Autumn too, with the addition of roll necks, boots and a beret.



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