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Chazza Shopping with Barnardo's

It's no secret that I am a massive fan of charity shopping (AKA Chazza shopping) and so when the guys at Barnardo's challenged me to find an outfit in one of their shops for under £20 I obvs jumped to the task!

I chose to hot foot it down to the Marylebone store in London - one that I've been in numerous times before and know that they usually get pretty good stock in. As a rule, charity shops in snazzier locations (West London is definitely up there) tend to get the best stuff in, in my opinion, however thats not to say I've never found some excellent gems in the midst of Sunderland town centre either!

Much like vintage shopping, only cheaper and more of a challenge, I love everything about Charity shopping. In fact, I probably love it a little bit more because you know that anything you spend is helping a good cause too. When I was younger, Me and my Gran used to always go for a mooch in them together and both of us would always come out with some great finds. I mean, it helps that I love a good old lady midi skirt, cardigan or cute AF blouse but I also think charity shopping success is massively down to overall outfit styling too.

My hunted outfit of choice from Barnardo's in Marylebone is this lovely little simple duo. I am so very into linen at the moment and so these trousers were an obvious choice, paired with a simple ribbed white tee because give me all of the beige/ cream/ white tones and viola. I love to style charity shop and vintage finds with new and/or designer/ high end pieces too as I love the balance. My Mam always laughs at me and says it either cost me 50p or £500, there's no middle ground... she's not wrong... I once styled a dress I got for £1 in a charity shop with my Chanel bag (which is probably the most luxury thing I own) but what can I say - balance is key! With this in mind, I opted to accessorise this outfit with my new Mansur Gavriel gingham duffle (sadly not a charity shop find!) and silky Alexa Chung for Superga sneaks. Accessories aside though - this outfit cost the grand total of eleven English pounds and although I look slightly like someones Nan off on her yearly cruise, I very much enjoy it and really stand by a good charity shop mooch every now and again.

If you've never charity shopped before then you are missing out, so why not pop down to your local Barnardo's for a little rummage as you never know what gems you could find, or how many people you could help :)



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