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I regularly refer to myself as a giant and at 5ft 11 I'm definitely taller than your average gal so my wardrobe heavily revolves around flat shoes. Growing up I hated being tall and would only ever wear complete flats on my feet, however as I've got older I've defnitely learnt to embrace my tallness and actually quite like it now. These days I'll wear a mid heel now and again, but I think realistically I'll always be a flats girl at heart. They work day or night without compromising on comfort and I mean, comfort is key right? Well, it definitely is with me and this Friday 6th April marks National Walk To Work day - something a comfy flat is essential for. My working week always seem to be full of extremes - I'm freelance so I'm either leisurely Working from home in my PJ's or I'm running around like crazy from meetings, to events, to drinks, to god knows what else... there's a lot of juggling thats for sure but every day involves walking in some shape or form (walking to the fridge not included). On my quieter 'in the house' days I'll always try to pop out for a quick stroll around Viccy Park to stretch my legs, get some air and generally take a break from screen-staring. According to research from Stanford University, walking boosts creative output by an average of 60% which is hugely important to me as my job revolves around my creativity and I couldn't agree more that whenever I'm feeling a bit uninspired, a little stroll always helps to get those creative juices flowing again. I I love walking in general though and I hate the gym so a brisk walk is a good, and more enjoyable, alternative form of exercise for me. It also helps you see more of whats around you rather than being stuck on public transport or in the car which is ideal for me when I'm looking for new spots to shoot outfits in! So I guess no matter what is on my agenda for the day I'm always in need of a comfy flat - queue my new FitFlop sandals - not only ridiculously comfortable but actually v. chic too.

I chose these H bar sandals in cognac to test run (walk) and decided to pair them with my off-white Whistles jeans, some polka dots and a trusty basket bag. I love the colour of these and the timeless style means I'll probably still be wearing them next Summer - they are literally one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes to ever grace my feet thanks to the science behind the soles - it's like walking on air. I'll be sporting these numbers for the foreseeable (should the weather play ball...) and they work so well with pretty much EVERYTHING in wardrobe - dresses, jeans and jumpsuits - and make my feet v. happy indeed!

So whether it's getting off the bus a stop early, strolling around the park on your lunch break or walking your full route to work - get your FitFlop's on, be a super woman and get involved this National Walk to Work day!

Shop my favourite FitFlop styles below:



*This post is in collaboration with FitFlop but all views are always my own :)


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