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French Girl, Oui?

Skirt: Rouje, Top: Vintage Laura Ashley, Espadrilles: Castaner, Bag: Fonott, Jacket: Levis

This post has basically been half written for about a year so v. glad I'm FINALLY getting round to actually publishing it!

Now it's no secret that I am an absolute wannabe French girl. I love a stripe top, I love a beret, I love a French slogan tee (come on it could say shit head and I'd probably still be obsessed...) so I thought it's time I share some over my favourite french brand discoveries with you guys - one of which being Parisian mega babe Jeanne Damas' brainchild - Rouje. I would happily wear the entire collection, there is nothing I don't like but it isn't the cheapest so I had to choose my pieces wisely. This brown polka dot Pretty-Woman-esque skirt was love at first sight. I am OBSESSED with polka dots and basically can't stop buying anything brown polka dot specifically, so this was an inevitable purchase. I've worn it a fair few times already though and to me it is such a classic piece that I will hopefully be wearing it for seasons to come. In the interest of honesty though, I must say that the quality isn't amazing sadly, which, for the high price is a bit of a disappointment. The styles are so spot on though (no pun intended, lolz) so I am still a big fan.

So, aside from the dream label that is Rouje, there are a few more fave Frenchies of mine below...

A recent discovery, Charlise are a super cute Parisian based label and were kind enough to send me some pieces to try. I was SO impressed and you've probably seen me rocking that yellow floral skirt a fair few times over on my instagram. Quality, style and versatility all get top marks from me with the pieces from this brand and I got a light blue cami top and cream cardigan too which I've also worn quite a bit too! Tres Bien.

Ah the dreamiest of french gal chic and the first online fashion brand from Pariii - I have long been a fan of Sezane and their beautiful clothes but I also love what they stand for and how much they dedicated themselves to helping charities too. The quality of their pieces is amazing and the delivery is super fast to the UK too which is always a bonus for those of us who simply CANNOT WAIT to get their mitts on goods ordered... ahem... me.. ahem.. They do an excellent slogan tee (many for charity too) - something I am an absolute sucker for and they tend to throw in cute little tote bags with your orders too, always a nice touch. They had a pop up in London for a month or so late last year and I visited it far too many times. If you haven't already been to their store in Paris then you must, at once, because it's so bloody dreamy too and you'll want to spend the whole day in there taking photos of every angle and inch. Je t'aime Sezane - most definitely on my bucket list of brands I'd love to work with.

The latest addition to the cool-girl French label list is Musier Paris by blogger turned creative director Adenorah, who could make a bin bag look cool tbh. Her debut collection offers dresses, tops and jumpsuits made with the most beaut fabrics and super simple shoes and bags to pair with too. It's quite pricey but everything feels very timeless and so essentially v. good investments that I'd want to wear season after season. The styling and brand aesthetic is so cool too you really can't not want a piece. I have my beady eyes on the gingham jumpsuit, red floral midi dress and strappy sandals - but with a new collection dropping every two months I fear my list will be never ending! I'm a big fan.

A pretty recent discovery for me, Balzac is a pretty similar vibe to Sezane offering a full range of super cute RTW, shoes and accessories. Think strappy sandals, gingham, tan leather accessories and ruffles - a massive yes from me! It feel very little house on the prairie (in the best way) and even just a simple tee and shorts combo from Balzac looks so good and is the perfect combination of cute and cool.

So just a quick round ups of some of the French brands that I love/ am buying into/ saving up to buy into...ahhh there are SO many dreamy pieces on my list!




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