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Cool As A Cardigan

Cardigan: John Smedley, Jeans: vintage Levi’s, Leather jacket: Acne, Shoes: Gucci, Bag: Topshop, Sunglasses: Mango

Heading out to shoot this outfit (admittedly before leather jacket and shades were added) Elliott looked at me and said 'Alright Grandma' or words to that effect, basically insinuating that by my wearing of a cardigan, pension collection was imminent.

You see I beg to differ. I am firmly in the corner of the cardigan and I’m fighting it’s case with gumption. Cardigans are back in a big way, and looking cooler than ever. No longer are they exclusively for librarians and your Nan (I mean tbh I’m really not opposed to looking like a librarian or my Gran and have always loved a cardi but whatever). I’ve seen so many knitted button ups out there recently - chunky, fine knit, patterned, Aron, v-neck, slouchy - whatever your style is, there’s a cardigan (or several in my case) for you.

John Smedley were kind enough to send this camel dream my way recently and well, I absolutely love it. The slim fitting style is perfect for wearing fully buttoned and tucked into some slouchy jeans to balance it out nicely. But that’s another great selling point of the humble cardigan - it can be worn so many different ways to create endless looks. I think this one will also look great open over a slogan tee for a super cas' look, or alternatively paired with leather trews and just a few buttons done up to give it an evening edge.

I hope that by now, nearing the end of my ode to the humble button up knit, you’re team cardi too!



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