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How to Wear Spring/ Summer Now

Dress: Asceno, Boots: Byfar, Bag: Topshop, Beret and roll neck: H&M

I feel like it's been Winter here in the UK for about a thousand years now. I basically can't remember what it's like to feel warmth on your skin and be able to leave the house without approximately seventeen layers on. I must admit, I love Winter dressing - I love coats and jackets and layering however even the thick knit lovers amongst us are longing for a bare leg. Basically, I'm SICK of being cold. To make matters worse, all of the Spring/Summer pieces are now dropping in stores and unless you enjoy staying indoors all day everyday with the heating on full blast then straw bags and floaty dresses are out out the window, right? Well, let me tell you they don't have to be. With a little strategic sock and roll neck here and there, you can snap up those Summer dresses and cami tops and start styling them up now - a little compromise will get you far.

Take this Asceno midi dress - exhibit A. It is without doubt, a (absolute dream of a) Summer dress. It's sleeveless, cotton, striped, light and airy. I'm not going to lie, it is the perfect accompaniment to bare feet and a beach. BUT, determined to make it work for now because I adore it and desperately wanted to wear it ASAP, I thought i'd brave a bare leg, throw a roll neck underneath and add some ankle boots to make it current weather appropriate. It worked, I didn't freeze to death and it actually looks really cute with a roll neck and boots I feel - the perfect piece to wear now AND when the sun finally decides to make an appearance.

Since this ensemble outing i've been thinking a lot about Summer wardrobe wonders that can be worn now with a little imagination, so other tips i'd suggest to you all that are, like me, so desp to sport some SS18, are as follows:

- Socks and sandals: toes are still toasty but you get to wear sandals, yessss.

- Roll necks underneath strappy/sleeveless dresses: you're dressed for Summer but you won't catch pneumonia

- Midi dresses: you're basically fully covered up and as long as you're wearing a coat it alll balances out, right?

- Basket bags are not just for Summer: the sooner you realise they can be absolutely paired with a Winter outfit in the snow, the better

- Layer, layer and layer some more: you can totally wear a cami top now with a tee underneath and a blazer on top, or even by itself with some high waisted jeans and a faux fur thrown over

Now go shop for all of that dreamy Summer stuff you've been eyeing up - floaty dresses, basket bags, gingham and cheesecloth can absolutely work for right now - just don't forget your coat!



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