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The Classics

Blazer: Vintage, Jumper: Next, Jeans: Levi's, Shoes and bag: Chanel, Beret: Depop

This time of year can be so uninspiring for your wardrobe and sartorial choices. The shops are beginning to fill with pretty spring selections however it’s still bloody freezing out there, meaning you require at least three layers, a scarf and a pair of tights for insulation. Now I always say I much prefer winter dressing, I love jumpers and coats and layering but even I’m ready to say seeya to my big thick coats and boots, and hello to a lighter jacket and footwear sans bed socks.

Whenever I’m in a style rut or feeling slightly uninspired I always seem to revert back to the classics. Some things just always look good whatever the weather (and your mood) and that includes a check vintage blazer, a chunky knit and some Chanel pumps. When I feel rubbish and uninspired I think what always makes me feel good no matter what? And nine times out of ten it's something classic, pretty plain, but it just always works.

I found this vintage men's blazer in a charity shop in Hackney a few weeks ago. It was a saturday before I was heading out for drinks in the eve and I just desperately had in my head this idea of wearing a big oversized check blazer with a slip dress and fishnets. Lucky for me I managed to snap this one up straight away and i've actually worn it SO much already! It's pretty huge so the shoulders are wide, but I think if you roll the sleeves up slightly then it helps balance it out a bit more. I paired it here with skinny jeans too which i think works well in the balancing act.

So if you're feeling really 'meh' with your wardrobe and the season right now, just revert back to the classics, the staples, the 'you can't go wrongs' and you'll feel perked in no time.



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