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That Seventies Show

Top: Vintage, Dungarees: Alexachung via Net-a-porter, Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo via Beyond Retro, Bag: Vintage, Coat: Mango, Beret: Vintage

Today I met my lovely pal Sarah for lunch at Apres Food co. in Clerkenwell which was an absolute treat. I had Apres Hash and it was so delish, they describe their menu as comfort food but without the slump and it really is just that - healthy AND delicious. TBH the whole menu sounds amazing (and everything is free of gluten and refined sugar), it took me a good three hours to settle on my final choice. The place itself is beaut too, a super laid back atmosphere that feels really homely and cosy, with more succulents than you can shake a stick at. Well done Sarah, you never fail on hunting out the best spots pal!

So, the outfit...

It's no secret that I am absolutely obsessed with Seventies style. A flared leg, a brown hue, a bit of cord and some vintage suede and I am one happy gal, so safe to say this outfit fills me with joy. A kick flare dungaree complete with the best Seventies stripe situation you've ever seen, topped off with a brown suede shoe and bag combo - yes, yes, yes and yes.

Seventies style is having an absolute moment (I mean, in the outside world - it's having a constant moment in my wardrobe) which is excellent news because it means I no longer have to just turn to vintage for my fix since the likes of Toppers and H&M are offering floaty maxi dresses, cord suits, an old man stripe and a flared leg trew aplenty. Further up the ranks I always love Chloe and Prada for their super Seventies vibe collections and this season is no exception with printed suits, seventies collared polo tops, geek chic shades and hues to rival a Revel's packet. Both the high street and high end designers alike are offering up more corduroy and old library based tones than you can shake a stick at and I really couldn't be happier about it, although my purse may tell you otherwise...

I'm unsure if this look is more library geek than Seventies chic to be honest but I bloody love it and it's one of my fave outfits in a while. These dunga's are going to be worn so much you'll be sick of the sight of them but they're such a good cut and wash, sometimes it really is worth paying a bit extra for designer pieces (even though they were in sale, still spenny) when you know you're gonna wear it solidly for about three months (/years). Thanks Chungy, can always count on you for a good solid wardrobe staple.



*Yes, I was absolutely freezing whipping my coat off but I just had to show you the top!

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