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My Top 5 Red Lipsticks

I am such a fan of a red lip. You could literally be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but throw on a red lip with it and voila you’re good for an evening out! A slick of a red lip always makes me feel better too, if you’re having a bad hair day, bad skin day or hey, just a bad day in general then a bit of red lippy will always make you feel better/ look better. So I thought it’s high time I shared my faves with you guys...

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet - 51 La Bouleversante When someone says red lipstick to me I think of Chanel. This one in particular is quite literally (IMO) the perfect red. It’s a velvet finish meaning it's quite matte but still feels quite moisturising on your lips too. As you can see on the paper kiss test, it's the second least to show so once it's on it's on and it lasts too! Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips - Tell Laura One of my newest additions and fast becoming a favourite too! This Charlotte Tilbury number is a rich orangey red and goes with everything come day or night. It’s one I always have in my handbag JIC. It's part of Charlotte Tilbury's Hot lips range and is named after mega babeLaura Bailey making me like it even more. The tip of the bullet is almost like a square shape which makes application easier to get precise and it’s a matte finish but without being too drying on your lips. A pretty perfect option to wear 24/7 I'd say.

Dior Liquid Lip - 999 Rouge Matte This Dior liquid lip is the perfect accompaniment for a night out and dead easy to apply too. I can sometimes end up making myself look like a clown when slicking on a red lip but this brush helps massively with precision. Also, contrary to what the paper kiss test shows (this looks to be the most transferrable lippy of the line up) I kissed the paper pretty swiftly after application and if you give it about five mins to set it's a lot more smudge proof! A nice warm red shade and a lovely texture - i'm a fan. MAC Retro Matte - Dangerous An old favourite. I think this was the first red lippy I ever bought. It’s got a slight orangey tinge to it and it’s so matte it’s basically chalk. Not ideal for when you have a dry lip but with a good hydrated base lip beneath this looks amazing. If you have a peek at the paper lip kiss test it barely even leaves a mark meaning of all 5 this is the most non smudge, and will probably stay put until the next morning...

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Matte - M330 Spicy Burgundy A recent addition to my red line up, this Guerlain is an excellent shade. It's a rich reddy/ burgundy colour and once it's on it lasts. It also happens to have snazzy packaging too which always helps! It’s a matte finish (theres definitely a theme here...) but isn't too drying which is great.

In all honesty, this is in no way an exhaustive list of my faves as I'd be on for days, but some old classics and current go-to's that I would defo reccomend as I know, it's a minefield out there!





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