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Beside The Sea

Most of my family live by the seaside in Sunderland and I absolutely love coming home. I love being by the sea, even in the Winter. There's something dead nice about getting all wrapped up snug and going for a lengthy walk along the coast, breathing in all that sea air (one of my Mam's essential remedies for any and every illness). The North-East coastline is a beaut, with some of the most amazing views (and Ice-cream parlours) along the way. This recent chilly weekend trip home was no exception, wrapping up for a chilly (understatement - it was bloody freezing) and blustery morning stroll along the coastline from Seaburn up to Whitburn and South Sheilds, so naturally the perfect opportunity to sport my new Tog24 insulating coat.

When Tog24 got in touch with me a few weeks back I was more than happy to collaborate with fellow Northerners, and with a great heritage behind the brand too. If you don't already know they are an outdoors brand from Yorkshire who have been around since 1958, believing in quality, value, integrity and ultimately 'truth over glory'. They make super snug clothing for all kinds of adventures from hiking to skiing, or in my case, a cold coastal morning walk. In the winter I am all about warmth, warmth, warmth as I feel the cold so easy (I know, am I even a real Northerner?!) so I chose this Mavern thermal parka in black with faux fur trimmed hood as it's a timeless classic that I can literally thrown on over anything and everything. It's also really lightweight - not a michelin-man-esque bulk in sight - yet is still super warm. It will keep me super toasty on all the Winter walks along the beach to come over the festive season at home.

Ahh Seaburn, I will never tire of these views.

It's grim up North eh...

Shop the full TOG24 collection here.



*This post was created in collaboration with Tog24


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