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Five Faves: September

September's five beauty heroes are as follows:

Mario Badescu Orange Protective Cream

I've been really run down nursing a cold over the past few weeks and this moisuriser has been my little flaky-snotty-nose saviour to be honest. My skin has been sad and dull and so i've been whacking all sorts on it to keep it hydrated, especially my poor peeling nose from so much blowing. This little magic pot is super hydrating and also smells a delight, even when you're bunged up and can hardly smell anything!

Clarins Water Comfort One Step Cleanser

I'm not gonna lie, up until very recently I was a face wipes girl through and through (sorrryyyy Emily if you're reading this...haha). They're quick and easy and CBA taking three hours to remove my makeup (yep, lazy AF)...or so I thought. I was kindly given this cleanser from Clarins and so I decided maybe it was in fact time to give cleansing a go. The result - it takes about thirty seconds longer than my trusty face wipes however feels so much better on my skin, and this one smells SO good too. I love a nice smelling beauty prod (in case you hadn't noticed) - it's basically the first thing I do when I get my mitts on a new product - give it a little sniff. God, next i'll be toning too...

Le Labo Vanille 44

Ahh Le Labo - forever making my nose happy! A couple of weeks ago my favourite fragrance brand were so kind as to send me one of their cities inspired fragrances in the form of Vanille 44, branching me out of my Rose 31 comfort zone and into this delightful vanilla woody scent. It's also very fitting that Vanille 44 represents Paris since it's one of my most favourite cities and I am an absolute wannabe Frenchie. This scent is definitely something a little different for me and I must say, I absolutely love it. Thank you Le Labo.

Aveda Volumizing Tonic

As an avid Aveda fan I am always keen to try different products within their range and thought it was time to branch away from the trusty Pure Abundance range and give this volumizing tonic a go. With my fine/ flat hair, any product mentioning volume/ boost/ thickening or something along those lines will draw me in. Post hair wash i'll spray this onto my damp hair before drying with a hairdryer and it really does exactly what it says on the tin - hello weightless volume and shine.

Armani Lip Maestro

You may remember me bangng on about the red version of this in a previous month's Five Faves beauty post - what can i say, I'm a big fan of Armani's Lip Maestro! So, I'm happily introducing a new colour way into my makeup wardrobe along side my trusty red, in the form of this pinky/ nude - a much more wearable every day shade. An excellent texture and staying power, safe to say i'll probably be adding more of these to my collection in the near future too!

Hope you enjoyed the beauty prods that have seen me well through September, I already can't wait to share a few things I have high hopes for that i'll be sharing with you in October too!



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