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Jeans: Topshop Boutique, Vest: H&M, Shoes: Chanel, Bag: Simon Miller and Coat: New Look

'Babe, are you being serious? It looks like you've got a long skirt on each leg... that is the single most disgusting item of clothing you own.'

The delightful words of my bemused boyfriend after laying his eyes on this (in my opinion dreamy AF) outfit. If I had a pound for every time I use or hear something along the lines of 'they just don't get it do they?!' amongst my girlfriends I'd most definitely be on my way to owning a small island by now. I mean, to be fair, I'll admit that if ever there was a pair of man-repelling trews it's these, I can see why he'd not be so keen, they're a bit 'weird', but it was literally love at first site from my POV.

I'd seen them styled with a few things on the Toppers website and may or may not have been checking daily for them to drop. They're part of the Topshop Boutique Autumn collection and I absolutely love them (and i'm guessing so do many others too since they seem to be sold out online already...). The paper bag waist, the huuuuge tortoise shell belt and obviously the overly wide leg situation all had me heart-eyeing over these babies. They're a statement yes, but a statement I'd most definitely like to make, regardless of whether Ell approves or not. You see my BF, who is about as interested in fashion as I am Star Wars, probably likes around thirty percent of the clothes I wear. The odd time - usually when I'm wearing a dress and trainer combo - I'll get an 'oh, you look nice' and you know what I usually think? Hmmm maybe I should get changed? My favourite looks are almost always the ones he hates. The thing is, I genuinely couldn't care less if he approves of my sartorial choices or not, and a compliment on my outfit from a female will always mean more to me than that of a male, boyfriend or otherwise. I actually think it's funny when he makes a comment and likens me to some kind of fictional character, throwing insults aplenty my way. We always have a good lol about it and then that's that, the outfit stays put and off I go, as I always dress for myself and hope to always inspire other fashion-obsessed gals alike to do the same. After all, one of everyone's fave bloggers has built her entire career on this concept.

I'd also just like to note - whilst he may not be the biggest lover of my outfits, he's always there to take all of my dreamy blog snaps regardless. Peaks and troughs ey!

Rachael X

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