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Jump(er)ing For Joy

Jumper: Vintage, Jeans: Levi's, Boots: ByFar, Bag: Chanel, Necklace: Brigitta Studio

It's time!!! It's quite possibly my favourite part of the year (alongside the fact that it's Autumn), that of the jumper season. I absolutely love a jumper. A jumper and bare legs while it's still not too cold, and then as Autumn moves on and Winter approaches there's nothing better than getting super snuggly in a jumper, jeans, coat and boots combo. I basically started my jumper wish list in July but managed to curb my enthusiasm slightly until the end of August, the earliest you can really justify introducing those knits into your get-up. Anyway I'm now in full swing and thought it only fair to share my fave ones with you guys!

This cream fisherman knit I got from a vintage shop a fair few years ago now and it's still doing me well, so investing in a good jumper that can work well with a lot of your wardrobe (and is a classic piece) really is worth it and i'll link some similar options to this i've seen on the high street recently below. I have fallen for SO many jumpers this season including the obvious Ganni Faucher which is just the dream, however I picked up a similar lilac one in Mango for a fraction of the price, just being a dead savvy shopper y'know.

I am also an absolute sucker for a roll neck jumper and possibly have one in every colour you could ever need one in but am obviously still eyeing them up in the shops and have seen a fair few dreamy options out there! So, without further ado see below for my fave knits out there right now!



Shop my fave knits below:


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