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Holiday Wardrobe: A Photo Diary

I wasn't going to write a post about my recent little trip to Lanzarote (hence the delay) as it was purely a last minute get-away with my Sister and friend rather than a planned destination I particularly wanted to visit, however I figured I'd do a little holiday wardrobe focus, discussing my outfits, swimwear and packing tips for a short getaway and share my snaps.

So I jetted off to Tias, Canarias for four days with my Sister and friend, and packing for a short trip where you can only wear eight outfits at most (this includes an evening look and day/beach wear) makes me feel like I'm choosing between my children (y'know, if I had any) every time. Having just hand luggage though meant I had to be strict with myself and in actual fact no, I did not need ten pairs of shoes for four days... I managed to whittle it down to an acceptable five pairs of shoes, four pairs of sunglasses (they take up like no space it's fiiiine) and only two extra outfits for decision making purposes. So I wore almost everything I took with me which, for me, is a turn up for the books and I am v. proud. I also managed to squeeze in the giant pineapple! So, here is basically everything i squeezed into my hand luggage for four days away in the sunshine.

Bikini and shirt: New Look, Hat: H&M, Shorts: vintage Levi's, Shoes: & Other Stories

My absolute holiday staples that you absolutely need to line that case with/ travel in would be vintage denim Levi's shorts, an oversized linen shirt (I got this in a 14 for ref), a straw hat and bag, a cute AF 'kini and some slides. Done. Also I am SO obsessed with linen at the moment - linen shirts, tees, trousers, you name it i'll be wearing or wanting it. So holiday appropriate, and great for draping come day or night.

Dress and bag: Vintage, Sandals: Saltwater

This dress. *bows down* I found it in a vintage shop in Margate and it's just the dream.

Bikini: Joanie clothing, Sandals: Birkenstock

This cherry print bikini from Joanie is not only dead cute, but it's SUCH a flattering fit I think. Theres nothing worse than a bikini that digs in or only covers 1/3 or your bum cheeks (sorry i'm 95) and well, this one ticks all the right boxes.

Dress: Realisation Par, Bag: Simon Miller, Shoes: Castaner

Realisation Par dresses are made for sunny climates and they just make you feel like a million dollars (pounds). I love the colour of this one and it looks great with a tan too!

Swimsuit: Lisa Marie Fernandez, Hat: H&M, Sunglasses: Gucci

I've wanted a Lisa marie Fernandez cossie/ bikini for SO long and finally I managed to pick one up in the sale at work (Fenwick). It's made beautifully, fits properly and just makes you feel good, y'know? Worth the hefty price tag for sure.

Skirt: Antipodium, Top: H&M, Bag: Simon Miller: Shoes: & Other Stories, Earrings: Milk Tooth LDN, Necklace: Mejuri

Loved this highly dangerous white/beige outfit and you'll be proud to hear that it managed to make it through the night UN-HARMED and SAUCE FREE. Hooray! Also, I never wear my hair up due to the fact I have a teeny tiny pea head but for some reason on holiday I feel i can just go all out and do what I want and you know what, I quite liked it.

Bikini: ASOS

Sadly this dream of a bikini is sold out now but i'll link some similar options at the bottom of the post.

Top: Topshop, Shorts: Vintage Levi's, Shoes: Castaner, Bag: Simon Miller

On the last night i decided to wear this super cute little spotty Topshop number as this is not really something i'll get a lot of wear out of at home so now was my chance! Also, on a side note, I was messing about with the settings on my camera (i'm about as technical as my Gran with her Nokia 3310...) and made these two snaps kind of blurry and I really like it! Something about shutter speed and amount of light let in I seem to recall Elliott trying to teach me...all the gear nee idea.

Playsuit: Cos, Sunglasses: Joanie Clothing

Taking style nods from Andy Pandy here but basically I think this final plane ready get up sums up my overall holiday look perfectly - 'on safari' - and not mad about it.

On Friday I'm off again, to The Algarve in Portugal with my two pals, and can assure you that the follow up of that one will be a full what we did, where we stated, what I wore blog feature as it's somewhere I'm pretty excited to visit (for more than just the baskets I promise *emoji eyes*) and I also promise ill be more (Taylor) swift with it too! Get ready for more linen and straw than you can shake a stick at.



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